Saturday, January 3, 2009

CHEAP price, awesome sewing machine! Janome deal!

Okay, 2 places to look for this:

or ebay under seller allbrands

Here is the deal:
Sew Precise

CONSUMER DIGEST #1 Best Buy 37 Stitch Computer LCD Sewing Machine, 3x1 Step Buttonholes, Speed Limit -
Buy 1 $299 (reg price $400)

& Get 1 FREE!!!

Plus pay shipping of course!
This means you get a GREAT machine for a bit ober $150 with shipping! Woot! I own 3 Janomes and I love them all!

drop in bobbin, auto needle threader, 37 stitch patterns, 3 x 1-step buttonhole styles, speed control, 7 Point Feed Dogs, bobbin winder declutch by pulling handwheel.

Also... psst! If you go to Bradys in Idaho Falls with a print out (from the ebay listing or the website) you MIGHT (no promises) be able to get them to give you this deal. I know they have honored online deals in the past for sewing machines so it's worth a shot!

LMK if you get one! Or you could even post here that you want to find a partner to get a machine and maybe someone else will pipe up!

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Jen and Sam said...

I would love to go in halvies with someone! Ever since Babywearers I have been kind of secretly wanting to make my own carrier or attempt to. So if anyone wants to let me know.