Monday, January 12, 2009

Monster Sale at Childrens Place NOW!

People I adore this store. Their dye lots are always the same so I can buy clothing years in advance and they will match all of the clothes I buy between them. If you have a girl, you understand why that is a big deal.

The monster sale is awesome! Buy dresses, coats, pants and shoes! And don't forget tights and shirts!

Check out this cool sites for extra coupon codes to make your deal better:

(loving that site)

Here for the Childrens Place!

Happy Shopping and remember, buy clothing NOW for birthdays and Christmas! Believe me, if you start now (and keep for receipts for crying out loud), you will spend so much less than you did last year, promise)!


Brian & Rachel Davis said...

You are just plain awesome.

Kimber said...

I'm warning you, you will never want to buy another brand of clothing! I adore the childrens place clothes! And, they hold up to multiple kids (you should see what my one year old does to the clothes his older brother once wore, argh.)