Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hooray! Albertsons Diaper Deal! Woot!

Woot! The deal works! This is the diaper thing I mentioned in the comments the other day!

Read all of this to understand fully and if you have questions lmk.
The following 2 emails came from the store director at the Broadway Albertsons. Bless them all for amazing deals like these!

Here's the deal. Pampers-10.00 each. buy 3 for 30.00 get 20.00 back in coupons off your next shopping order (4-5.00 off coupons!) There are 1.00 off vendor coupons too! Buy today before they are gone
Today, the Pampers will all be gone today, so don't wait till tomorrow! We are trying to get more! Thanks to some of our Loyal shoppers and a big shout out to one from Rigby (Thank you!)

Net price $7.00

Then I just got this email a second ago:
Thank you for the tremendous response! We will run out shortly....don't waste a trip.(newborn and #1 are all that is out at the moment...)We have an entire truck load at 2 a.m. tonight! See you tomorrow. I hope it works still! If so, we will have plenty for few hours in A.M. tomorrow!
-update, it will allow you 3 sets of 3 (9). Then no more CATS(catalina coupons) print. WOW! 3.33 each is a stock up! Some of you have 1.00 off VENDOR(manufacture) coupons and they work great!
P.S. Please remember vendor coupons do not take 30.00 purchase below 30.00 trigger(we love vendor coupons), HOWEVER the doubler coupon will that we have in the ad that gives you up to 1.00 more per vendor coupon this is funded by us and takes from the total or in otherwords voids that dollar amount on your purchase. Helps you save, but also for those you only buying the hot ad will need to buy more to offset. STOCK UP!


Ann said...

I went to my local Albertsons, and there were no signs up about the Pampers money back thing? Which type of Pampers is it? Will it still print the coupons if there are no signs advertising the deal?

The Vineyards said...

I have the same comment as above. They are on sale for $10 each but there is no advertising about the $20 in coupons back. However, there are no more on the shelves today. Kimber, could you enlighten us?

Kimber said...

There are no signs because they are not officially on the sale (but they really are part of the deal).

Here is what I would do.
Get a jumbo pack (mine are in purple packaging), tell a cashier what you are trying to do (wait for a slow time to do this, or do self checkout) and do 3 packages. When the transaction finishes, the catalinas should print. Then just repeat!

If it doesn't work (which it really should if you have the right diaper sizes--- again, mine are in purple plastic and I know the newborn was yellow if that helps--- jumbo pack) just return them right there.

DO NOT use the coupon doubler, it will mess up your total.

They are probably all gone because people are just experimenting and going for it.

One of the hard/fun parts of couponing is seeing if the deal works. When it doesn't, well that is a bummer, but no biggie if you just return whatever it is. But when it works... gives me a high all day!

Good luck and report back to which stores worked!

Also, if you are on pyp, ask them which stores are the most coupon friendly and that might help.

You can also get a rain check if they are all gone. Just make sure they get the right kind and they get them in on time.

The Vineyards said...

Thanks Kimber! I spoke with a grocery employee and she said to expect tons more awesome Albertsons deals!! She said they are going to continue some awesome sales because of the economy. WAHOO!!!

~AnnaMarie~ said...

Kimber I got 12 packages of them today. 6 in size 5, 3 in size 3 and 3 in size 4, so I know it's working at the Broadway one. Yay for those of us with 2 in diapers!