Sunday, January 4, 2009

coupon etiquette and other ethical issues

So, this was on my mind tonight as my pal went into our local gas station to pick up the coupons we have made arrangements to get every week. Once again, some unknown person has slipped in ahead of us and taken them.
This chaps my hiney for a few reasons.
  1. I did all the legwork to get them. I got permission, I got the routine going. I even called our local paper to confirm that this was okay to do with unsold newspapers. It was a lot of work and a pain to do all of that
  2. .I wait until the end of the night so that I don't take papers that someone might buy for the coupons. Whoever is taking them slips in hours ahead of me which means that they could be stealing coupons from a potential customer at the gas station.
  3. I don't like sneakiness and it bothers me that someone who knew what I was doing decided to be all sneaky.
Here's the thing though. Aside from the part where they could be stealing coupons from a potential customer of that gas station (which could anger that person, the newspaper people and the gas station and ruin a good thing), it really isn't wrong to do that. I do find it to be unethical.

Snaking coupons from others isn't really a great way for karma to play.

This reminds me of an important rule for shoppers at the IF Broadway store. Remember, this store clips coupons for us. They pay for them and if you take them, you are STEALING! That really and truly is wrong to do. So, don't please.

Something else that is wrong... photo copying online coupons. Way bad to do.

Also, trying to sneak in expired coupons or 2 coupons for 1 item. Not fair to the store at all.

Okay, I'm going to get off my soapbox and get back to prepping for this weeks Albertsons sale. It's an awesome one! Here's a hint... if you need diapers, this is your week! Next week... Quaker time!

Coming soon is the first of many chip and pop sales (yay Superbowl!) and another Campbells sale SHOULD be in the works! Hooray!


Brian & Rachel Davis said...

I see the ad on Albertson's for Huggies 19.99 for a 50-100 pack plus $5 towards digital prints... how can I make this better?

Kimber said...

One, hunt for pampers coupons. There may be a better(amazingly better) deal with them. I'll confirm Wednesday.
Two, read my new post about the coupon doubler if your heart is set on huggies.
Also, spend $25 on baby products and get a $5 catalina off on your next order. So find $5 more of baby items!

Watch this sale close and find those coupons. and cross your fingers!