Friday, August 28, 2009

Ideas for putting away food for the winter

Here are a few different ways we put away food as opposed to the regular old canning methods:

Beans: We don't eat canned beans. My kids hate them and they go to waste. However, my kids and husband adore Dilly Beans, so now we can all our green beans "Dilly style"! Plus, they make great gifts!

Plums: We don't can them either. We wash, halve and freeze in sandwich size baggies. Perfect for Plum Pie which is to die for!

Raspberries: We wash, lay out on a cookie sheet and freeze. When they are frozen we toss into a baggie and eat on cereals or put in muffins or cookies.

Strawberries: syrup. 'Nuff said.

Peaches: We wash, quarter and freeze for peaches and cream treats. Or we serve them to the kids frozen for a special treat.

Corn: We blanche, cut off the cob and put in baggies to freeze.

Peppers: we chop and freeze.

Apricots: we make the nectar (use one of those victorios for applesaucing to do it) and have a nice drink for special occasions.

Pears: we sauce or nectar them.

Now toss me some ideas please!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Breaking news! Your opinion is needed right NOW! Comment on this p ost please!

I heard a rumor (and I am quite confident that it is accurate) that a BIG WIG CEO for Albertsons would be visiting our beloved Idaho Falls stores (and I'm betting our very beloved Broadway Albies in particular) because of all the stir over the deals we are getting.

It has been mentioned to me that some of those in power at good old Albies read this here blog on occasion and would be very interested in what we, the every day customers, the couponers, the newbies and the ones who have been to the rodeo a few times (lol) think.

I can't be sure, but I *think* I was asked to get some opinions because it could make some big improvements on our deal grabbing experiences here. This is a big opportunity for our local stores and for us couponers!

So, please comment to this post about whatever you think of Albies here such as:

What we love
What we don't love
What stores work the hardest for us
What could be different
Our wish lists for deals (stock, set up, lines, coupons etc)
If you have a favorite store (cough Broadway) tell them why it is your favorite, who you love there and of course, where it is!
Any other information you think would make Albies even better!

So, do yourselves a huge favor and forward the link to this post to everyone you know anywhere in the region. Every opinion will be read and will count. If we come out and post in droves it WILL help all of us. Facebook it, twitter it, link it on your blog! Give everyone a central location to read all of the comments (lets make it easy for any bigwigs, kwim?). Get everyone you know to post! The more voices they hear, the more seriously they will take this!

This could change how Albertsons is run at a corporate level!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hannah Montana DEAL!

My girl loves Hannah and so I got this for her birthday. PLUS I got a cert from Disney for a $5 credit for an online download and I can pick what it it! Happy birthday to meeeee!

I bought this the other day and I'm not certain how long this sale will last, but you should snatch it up. This will make a great Christmas gift for your girls!

Cheap deals on Cricuts! Squeee!

Okay, I have coveted these forever, and if I had a hundred dollars or so laying around I would jump on this. But I do not... however, I thought one of you might be interested, so here you go!


When you get it, don't be surprised if I call you begging you to make me that UNwelcome (yep, you read that right) vinyl sign I want for my front door. (If you haven't met me, ask anyone who knows me... it totally works for our house.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you a grasshopper in food storage?

Its okay if you are.

I used to be.

Do you want to become an ant?

Okay, then lets get you started on your food storage.

  1. Take a breath. All is not lost. You can do this and (if you are the prayin' sort) God will hold your hand and get you to your goal.
  2. Now that we are breathing again... make your goal. Mine was a biggun (1 year of food storage in 1 year on a $300/month budget). You don't have to go that big, but you should reach for the stars a bit. How about a delicious (NOT basic, mind you) 90 day supply in 90 days? You can do that, right? Yep, you really can.
  3. Get a grasshopper buddy who wants to be an ant. You are going to trade child care to shop, make your plans together, call each other from the store about deals... everything. You are responsible to each other, so don't screw up!
  4. Talk to your spouse about this. Let them read some of my articles about beginning couponing if it helps. Get their support and encouragement, even on the weeks you only bring home frosting and q tips from the store. Promise them that this WILL work over time (time being the key).
  5. Get your hands on at least 5 newspapers a week. The Poky and IF papers have deals. There are only coupon services. You have friends and neighbors and family who don't use theirs. Be creative, pray about it (again, if you are the prayin' sort) and you will find those papers will fall into your lap. If you are ambitious, shoot for 10 (I would shoot for 10).
  6. Now, every Tuesday, you will MAKE THE LIST. This is key. Call your buddy, talk it out and make the list.
  7. Every Wednesday (or whatever day you can consistently shop) you will pack up the crew, and go to the store. You will buy your list and NOT DEVIATE! (unless you find a screaming deal, then deviate away, but know it will affect your total at the end so be cautious.)
  8. Make a spreadsheet and write down what you bought and what you have for your storage. Watch this grow.
  9. Don't quit. Even when you screw up. or the clerk is a jerk... Do NOT give up! Things that are worth it are difficult. If you have kids, think of your tantruming 3 year old and how much you love that monster. If that kid is worth the daily (and often hourly) headaches, then this is worth a few hours a week of frustration on occasion.
  10. Realize you will be lopsided and account for that financially. DO NOT go nuts with the couponing. Give yourself a budget and stick to it no matter what. It isn't a good deal if you can't make your house payment.
Okay, I hope this will help some of you. Remember, fall is coming and we need to start stocking up. Do what you can, work hard, think of other ways to plump up your storage (canning, hunting, etc) and remember you CAN do this!

AWESOME Kraft Sale at Albies this week!

I personally am giddy for this weeks sale! It is going to be great!

I plan to stock up on the california kitchen pizza for one (perfect lunch for my husband and with the $5 catalina and coupons it will only cost me $1 per lunch for him! Woot!

I am also going after the Chips Ahoy and the Capri Sun. I could be wrong, but I would watch our beloved Broadway Albies to see if they will have coupons to make that a sweeter deal.

Here is the thing, there is a mail in rebate you can only do one time, BUT you can roll the $5 catalina more than once, so this week is going to be great!

This is the moment to stock up on the snacky foods because I doubt we'll see them on sale a ton coming into the fall.

Also, be prepared for the case lot sales coming up. Have you been squirreling away some money for them? You need to be! A few BIG things I would watch for:

Vegetable Oil
Sugar and flour
Canned veggies (unless you plan to can your garden like we are, lol)
Ramen... lots of ramen.

Winter is coming and we want to be ready.

I am changing how much I spend per month on groceries...

because my children, against my will, continue to grow up!

I have been watching our consumption lately and with 2 boys and a girl, plus super husband and mayself, I've decided to be proactive and just add some $$$ to the grocery budget so I can stay ahead of my kids.

I am dabbling with adding $25 or $50 to the monthly budget. I will keep you updated as I test this out for the next few months.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

50% off Halo sleepsacks and free shipping!


These are awesome gifts or for your little one!

There are other products there too, so check it out!

Monday, August 3, 2009

fur real friends

pyp has an AMAZING deal on the fur real friends dolls at kmart.

Check out their link and read the last couple of pages for extra coupons:

Run, these are going in and out of stock a lot!

This is a hot hot deal for your big Christmas presents!

Yay! I am excited for this Albies sale!

Okay, thanks pyp for the list so far:

People, listen.

I am going nuts over the Vaseline, Suave body wash, ALL, and fruit snacks! Hooray!

This is an excellent time to stock up on peanut butter too!

This will be one of those time consuming shopping adventures, but I believe it will be worth it, so get excited, find a sitter and go nuts!

Remember, the Broadway Albertsons is your friend (and while I doubt this will happen, I am praying that they will have a special "coupon shopper" register for those of us who want to really rock the sale or something else just as amazing so we can buy a truckload of product... literally!).

Hooray! Get your coupons and your game face ready!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

For those of you in your childbearing years...

You are about to love me forever.

I tend to buy everything in bulk, including pregnancy tests.

I have used this site for YEARS and I can personally attest to the extreme accuracy.
I buy the cheapest tests they have on the site (the dip stick tests) and have gotten a positive test a full WEEK before my period was due.
And now that I've given you tmi (sorry):

This is a great site, really! Enjoy dirt cheap ovulation and pregnancy tests! Feel free to pass this along (I can't believe I haven't shared this info sooner!)

Oh, but be warned, it takes about 4 business days to arrive with the cheap shipping so again, stockpile.

(And now, if you are a "Lost" fan, you can see why it made sense to me that someone had a pregnancy test on the plane when it crashed. Because some of us carry them around all the time "just in case". Or because we went to college at a party school and wanted to always be prepared to help our friends out. Once again tmi and with that I big you good night.)

FREE $10 food from Schwans!

Do this quick, its only for the 1st 500,000 orders.

I got the funnel cake fries and I can't wait to try them!

Jamba Juice buy 1 get 1 free

Print it, slurp it, thank me later.

Lol! I need this for when my husband is working late hours

Normally $40, onsale for $20ish.


How to make the most of yardsale season

My husband and I love yard sale season. We always find fantastic deals on items we really need.

But, it really wasn't always that way.

Here are some tips I thought I would pass along to you:

  1. make a list over the weeks and months of things you want. Keep one copy above your computer and when you see deals, check your list. Keep a copy in your purse for when you are out and about (at yardsales and such) and for when you forget your purse (it happens). Refer to the list. Now, if you want to go off list, that's your call, but you may overspend.
  2. Don't be afraid to haggle. Today was the first time in ages I didn't haggle on any prices, but all the items I bought were priced fantastically. But, typically, I make a pile of what I want (if I find enough for a pile and usually if I find 2 things I like, I'll find a lot more) and I usually offer 1/4 less than what they are asking. 9 times out of ten they take it. And if they say no its okay because if I liked it enough to make the pile I like it enough to pay that price.
  3. Go early to get the best stuff.
  4. Go late to get the cheapest prices.
  5. Take change. I get a lot of mileage out of my change.
  6. Leave your name if they don't take your price and you want the item, just not enough to pay what they are asking. I get a lot of calls around 4pm the day of a garage sale that way.
Now, if yard saling embarrasses you, you should let this go. If you really need to feel chic (and I get that, not all of us like to just flat out tell people that we are broke, lol), tell them you are going green by recycling peoples' unwanted items. You will be Al Gore-ific!

So far this summer, here are the best deals I've found:

  • A minifridge that works great for $10
  • A 2003 or 4 Dell computer that has a flat screen monitor and is in perfect condition for $50
  • Jeans for my daughter in new condition for $.50
  • Military boots for my husband for FREE
  • Black wood bunkbeds with the mattresses and box springs for $100, excellent condition
  • A plastic toybox in great condition for $2 (and it's huge!)
  • A pirate toy set that had a castle set too (that I nearly bought on sale for Christmas but couldn't overcome the $20 per set price ON SALE new) for $10. Total. Um, woot!
That's just a small handful of the deals we have found this summer.

And people are gearing up for fall and selling off their junk now, so go nuts!

See you at the sales!