Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You can't win them all

So, today at Albies did not go well.

I was operating under a handicap. I broke my tailbone last week (see my family blog for the sordid affair if you must), and I didn't sleep last night because I overdid it yesterday and was in too much pain to sleep. Plus, my dear sweet one year old has croup AGAIN and was only content if he was laying on top of me, drooling on my, sneezing on me... it was a rough night.

I was going to stay home, but since I had to take the baby to the dr (MUST. FIX. THE. CROUP!) I decided to go shopping.

I didn't even bother with the Quaker sale for two key reasons.
  1. The store was out of everything I wanted
  2. I am still very well stocked from the last Quaker sale so I am going to go back later to fill in what I need (an important reason to buy a year supply of things like oatmeal. Once you have it a this fantastic sale price, you just have to buy a few when they go on sale to keep your stockpile up!)
I was after the Conagra sale, specifically the Healthy Choice meals. I normally don't buy such things when I can make better meals from scratch, but my hubby is allergic to msg, autolyzed yeast extract and yeast extract (the same thing by 3 names) and this product doesn't have any of that junk! And that means my hubby can take those to work to eat! Very important when the criminals don't quit long enough for the man to chow down.

So, I went nuts and got 18 of them. (Don't judge me! If your dh were allergic to everything you would have done it too!) I didn't notice the price difference that would change how I purchased however.
So, I did 2 transactions when I should have done 3 and spent $10 more than I should have. I also didn't count my coupons out and I'm worried that I gave them 2 extra coupons in one transaction (if I did, I am so sorry Albies, I will bring you the money when I come in next!)

Anyhow, I left rather mad at myself for not doing the cardinal rule of couponing:
Obey the list! Do not deviate from the list!

Wait, that wasn't it (but that is the real cardinal rule of couponing).

Breathe. Think. Double check your transactions before you go to check out. An organized couponer is the thriftiest of all!

So, shame on me. But, you know, Albertsons deserves some of my extra dollars, so I'm not that mad!

Now, get out there and shop! Oatmeal! Buy buy buy! This is a great deal and it only happens a few times a year so go nuts!

btw, Broulims is actually having a decent sale on chicken breasts and thighs. 11 for $10 for a 24oz package. If you need chicken, there you have it.

Off to sulk some more.


Natalie said...

Normally I get an e-mail from Wayne or Doug on the Albies ads, but I didn't this week, so I didn't even bother planning a shopping trip out. Did they get out an e-mail to you?

~AnnaMarie~ said...

I actually had a good week! I missed last week's sale (almost) since I was in CA so I hit it on Tues night. They were out of almost everything, but I did get quite a bit nevertheless, and the free milk catalina printed Tues night so I got that. Then I went Saturday when I knew they were restocked on Quaker and got $175 for $25 plus 5 free gallons of milk (that I have to go back for since I didn't have fridge room to pick them up that day). They were only out of a few things, thankfully. I am stocked up on oatmeal! I heart oatmeal!

Jeff & Ashlee Olsen & Family said...

Hey Kimber, I got this email from my cousin and thought you might be interested. It's a web site for a free 2 year magazine subscription to Parents Magazine.

I had to go into the site twice before it would pull up the contact info, so who knows if it's really true or not.