Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A tale of 4 turkeys...

Okay, I'm owning it.

I went waaaaay over budget this month. And, I plan to go in one more time! Blargh!

But, I have a good reason if that helps.

I'm buying turkeys to fill my freezer.

Let me really super duper break it down for you. I talked about it in my previous post, but I wanted to cover it more as Thanksgiving is almost here and I am hoping this will inspire someone.

Meat is expensive. Truly. But, most of us are carnivores and crave it. On my extremely conservative budget every month, it is really hard to make room for cheese (which is why I buy it in bulk when it goes on sale, then I shred it and freeze it so not a drop goes to waste), milk and eggs (which is why I now use powdered milk and eggs unless I luck into an amazing deal and then I buy in bulk and freeze it--- yes this can be done) and meat.

But, I knew Thanksgiving was coming and I knew there would be ways to get cheapo turkeys.

Here is my clever plan. I have to give mad props to Amanda and Wildman OConnor for teaching me the ways of the turkey.

Here is what they do (and I shall be doing):

  1. Cook yourself a nice fancy turky dinner.
  2. Eat it.
  3. When you are stuffed (tee hee hee) carve the rest of this bird up.
  4. Put the meat in jars.
  5. Dump some water and a bit o' salt in the jars as per the Ball Blue Book of canning (aka the canning bible). Really, use water, it will turn into broth!
  6. Pressure cook the crap outta it (again, as pur the Ball Blue Book)
  7. Put it in your basement for your munching pleasure.
  8. You should get at least 20 of the pints(? think that's the size I'm envisioning) of meat.
Hold on, we aren't done with the bird!
  1. Now take the carcass (lets be honest, you didn't do THAT great of a job getting all the meat off of the bones) and put it in a ginormous baggie.
  2. In a few weeks when it's frosty and you are hungry, pull that carcass out and toss in a pot o' water.
  3. Make some tasty turkey soup!
But, wait, it gets even better if you are a black belt in tightwaddery!

  1. Make that turkey soup, but just add things like carrots, onion, peas, celery... nothing fancy.
  2. Put aside just enough for dinner (we'll come back to it, promise)
  3. Now can the rest of it and you have homemade soup whenever you want! Just dump in a pot, toss in a handful of pasta (you have a bunch in your storage, I just know it!) and when it boils you get to eat it! Cheaper than Campbells and tastier too!
  4. Finally, your soup for din din. Make some homemade noodles (recipe below) and eat!
You'll get around 10 or so jars of this too.

Homemade noodles recipe (from my granny J)

1 or 2 cups of flour
An egg
just enough water to make a dough that isn't too sticky, but that you can roll out
mix and roll it out
cut it into skinny strips and plop into your soup!
Cheap, easy and for me it tastes just perfect (I'm not much of a seasoning gal)

I plan to make one turkey a month for the next however many months there are turkeys in my freezer. So, while I slowly empty my freezer (which makes it cheaper to run) I will be restocking my food storage with cans of turkey and soup stock and slowly adding more meat when it is on great sales. And I'll be able to be picky about the sale and NOT go over budget again (fingers crossed, knock on wood).

Look at all the meals you made for your family from one cheap turkey! (See my post below for how to get that turkey cheap!)

That is all.

Even more love for the Broadway Albertsons

Here is what I realized the other day about this week's sale. Remember, sometimes I am very dense.

If you spend $25 before coupons on ANYTHING, you get a turkey for as low as $.38/lb!

Couple this with the Green Giant steamers that are FREE if you have the coupons (which I had a ton of).
25 Green Giants + 1 big turkey = $6 cash!

That is an amazing deal!

Even if you don't have the Green Giant coupons to do this, here's another cheapo deal!

Buy 20 pillsbury cakes (they are on sale for 10 for $10 plus when you buy 10 you get $5 back, no coupon required, so that is $.50 a mix)
Then get 5 Land O Lake butter with canola (they are 10 for $10 plus they have attached $.55 off coupons to them so they are $.45 each)
Now grab a huge turkey.
Total will be around: $12 something plus the $6ish for a turkey so $18!

That is an awesome deal!
Remember, you can freeze the butter and the cake mixes can be used to make cookies AND muffins (I'm hunting for the directions for the muffin thing).

They have the Land O Lake coupons at the Albies and also a ton more of the cream cheese coupons as I gave them a ton of my leftover coupons yesterday (and still have more for those of you who wanted them!)

Find Wayne, tell him you NEED a cheap turkey and he'll help you out!

Oh and on the turkey... buy extras. Why? Because they are easy to can! Here is what I will be doing:

Once a month we'll have a turkey dinner. After we're done we will carve that turkey and can the meat (very very easy, toss meat in jar, add water and a pinch of salt and pressure cook following the Ball Blue Book).
Then we will take the carcass, bag it and freeze it. When I want to make soup I'll just pull it out, toss it in a pot and have soup! Then we'll can that too!
Think of all the extra meals you can have with one turkey! Totally a money saver!

Now, go fill your freezer with turkeys! And say thank you to the amazing people at Broadway Albies for the hot deals!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have extra coupons...

for Philadelpia Cream Cheese that you can use for getting your free turkey at Albies or cheap turkey at Smiths!

I have some $1 off 3 and some $.50 off 2

Email me at kimberlovesadeal at gmail dot com if you want some at my cost. I think I paid around $.10 per coupon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crafty crap for kids!

Go here!

Discount school supply

check out their winter warehouse sale!

Amazing prices on balls, craft supplies, tumbling mats, etc! Great for Christmas! Woot!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SLAMMIN' Carseat Deal! Fast!


Might be a price mistake, might get the order cancelled, but it's worth a shot!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

50% off SPANX!!! Yay!

I love Spanx. I mean, I really really love them.

They hide my muffin top (you know, the fat that rolls over your waist line of your jeans... shudder), they make it easier to pull on my tighter jeans and they help keep the pooch from having 3 kids under wraps.

I paid out the yin yang for my Spanx... and now I'll have to buy more!

Go here.

People, worth it.
Might I suggest the leggings because those are hawt?

While you're there, check out the storewide sale on all undergarments! Woot!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wanna save on groceries like me?

Deal over!

How I MADE $24.12 shopping yesterday

It's complicated, but it counts!

Went to the doctor and had to get a prescription (thanks sinus infection from hades). Decided to make it work for me.
  1. Clipped the Rite Aid ad that gives you a $30 gift card for any new prescription or transfer
  2. While that was going, went back to Broadway Albies. Used some of the Walgreens coupons on my Betty Crocker products to get my $30 in product for the $15 coupon back. Guess how much I spent with my Walgreens coupons? $6.88 Plus I got the $15 coupon
  3. I go pay my $5 for the prescription and get the giftcard.
  4. Now I've "made" $45.
  5. Next I go to Freddy's and spend $14 on cheese (killer deal), and some beans (again, killer deal).
  6. Now I've spent 20.88
  7. So, total I came out ahead $24.12.
  8. Next time I go to Albies I have $14 in anything coupons waiting for me and I have $30 for Rite Aid deals!
That is how you deal shop! Yay for sinus infections (I guess...)

ps. I'm not even including my savings yet.... watch the sidebar!

Why I have to love IF Fred Meyers

I will talk more about Freddys in the next post, but I had to give an individual big ol' thank you to them.

Yesterday in my medicine induced haze I left Freddys with all 3 kids (shockingly) and no groceries. Yup, left them in my cart and went home. 15 minutes later I realized my mistake and called the store in a panic. Bless them, they sent out employees to scour the parking lot for my cart, but the groceries were gone. I drove back in hoping they would be found, but they weren't. So, I was gearing up to pack the kids and go home (just so mad at myself), when the customer service gal looked at my receipt and said, "You didn't buy much, go pick it out again and go home."

What an angel.

Proof that there are great people everywhere.

So, one reason to shop at Freddy's... they are really kind people.

Cheap Magazines!

I just did a bunch of Christmas presents with this! Woot!

Limited time on this!

Important Note: No coupon code is needed. Prices will not adjust to sale prices until you click "checkout". You can view sale prices prior to paying.

ESPN 26 issues/yr
$2.10 per year (new or renewal)
ESPN The Magazine is the sports lover's magazine with an edge, offering more fantastic color photos, easy-to-read articles, in-depth interviews with stars, stats, game coverage and more in a timely, twice-monthly format. This subscription includes free access to Insider online.

Weight Watchers
6 issues/yr
$2.10 per year (new or renewal)
This magazine is edited for women committed to change and seeking a healthy lifestyle. It delivers advice on health, fitness, fashion, beauty and food.

Everyday with Rachael Ray
10 issues/yr
$2.16 per year (new or renewal)
A magazine for smart entertaining, delicious food and spur of the moment travel. In every issue you'll find 30-minute meals, Rachael's Diary, small party gatherings for special occasions, stolen weekends, Real Cooks Networks, Every Day Menu Planner, the No Recipe Zone & much more!

We accept PAYPAL, Check, Money order, and all major Credit Cards. No automatic renewals.

Personally I get Rachel Ray (got a hot deal on it last year) and I LOVE that magazine. Plus it comes with coupons...

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The awesomeness of the Broadway Albertsons in IF...

People, if I smoked I'd be bumming a cigarette off of you.

This sale is amazing. AMAZING.
If... you stick to your plan.

I stuck to mine and here is how it went:

6 transactions

92 items

Before tax: 52.17

My savings: 281.61

Some of what I bought:

All laundry detergent for 1.17 (1.67 without a coupon!!!)
OJ $1
Reddi Whip $1
Betty Crocker cake mix $.50
Breyers Ice Cream $.50
Chex $.75
BC cookie pouches $.45
Green Giant frozen veggie boxes FREE
Suave deoderant $.17
Vaseline Lotion FREE

And more and more and more!

The Broadway store was insane! I followed my usual routine and got in line after the 1st person (knowing her transaction would take about 20 minutes) and finished shopping from the line with a friend behind watching my cart. I was in at 5:30am and home by 7am.

The store was a mob scene by 8am!

The average spending vs savings appears to be $80 spent and $290 saved.

People this sale is through all of Albies in one form or another and even without coupons is very worthwhile! Run!

Hey, if you go, please comment on here your spending, savings and number of items for my curiosity!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Albertsons sale 11/4 WOW!

Okay, my head is spinning trying to put this together!

The lists are up at hotcouponworld.com (NW forum) and pinchingyourpennies.com (Utah forum)

I will have extra qs of some items, so feel free to check!

This is THE sale to go nuts on!

And the chicken will work Wednesday!


The IF Broadway store will be doling out the extra qs at 5:30am, 8am and in the evening. I have been told that they will ration them per customer, so be warned!

Remember to play nice and don't jostle me if I'm wearing the baby!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I LOVE Serenity Spa!

People I cannot say this enough. I am a cheapo, but one thing I like is a fantastic hairstylist (which I will promptly put into a pony tail, sigh).
But, in the past year I have actually started working on my hair every day because of Serenity Spa and more specifically my stylist Brandi. I love her. She is honest about what will look good or not so good, she is fun to talk to and she always gives me a haircut that is different from what is around me (and I really don't want the typical mommy cut ever).

The holidays are coming people. It's time to get your hair done.

Here are some deals going on right now at Serenity:

15% OFF at Serenity Salon Spa & Tanning

Get ready for the holidays at
Serenity Salon Spa & Tanning.

If you book an appointment by Nov. 8th you can receive 15% OFF
(Does not include Permanent Make Up)

Make sure to mention ad and


Seriously, worth the money to look good and have your hair done fantastically.

Plus, HUGE bonus to me, this business is run by mamas who care about their customers, employees and the community. And they're awesome people to boot! Support them, seriously!

Oh and if you go in, beg for Brandi (she is so the best) and tell 'em Kimber sent you! They will treat you awesome, I promise!

Happy Primping!