Monday, January 5, 2009

Chugga Chugga!

So, the coupon train will make it's first stop this week!

email me for the address because it is not at my house
Bring your grocery list for this week printed out and the coupons you have to trade!

Important note: while there is a core group of expert couponers, we are not teaching any classes. We can answer your questions here and there and make sure you are doing things right, but if you want someone to hold your hand and teach you, this is not the place. If you are self teaching however, you should be just dandy!

On this weeks Albies sale: I've seen the ad and it is amazing!
It is the spend $30 get $15 off on your next order again! Different products! Yes you can roll the catalina over!

Attention: Read the following carefully. I hesitate to mention it, but feel a responsibility to make sure people are aware of the following coupon limitations to avoid dishonest and abusive couponing practices. I love a deal myself, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing (and driving a store out of business).
Plus, there will be a coupon doubler! Yay! This means if you have a $1 coupon, they will make it a $2 coupon! But (BIG but), you cannot abuse this! You need to bring your own ad for your own paper and you can do it one time. For the entire week. THE END. Now, you can potentially save $6 with your big chance, so don't get all cranky, but really I cannot emphasize this enough DON'T ABUSE THE SYSTEM! IT HURTS ALL OF US! PLEASE!

Okay, that's all for now. Hope to see you tomorrow!


Mel said...

Hey quick question. What does "roll the catelina" mean? I've seen it mentioned on several different blogs, but have no clue what it means?
and how in the world have you already seen the ad??

Kimber said...

My Kimber explanation:

know how you do the $30 and get the coupon from the store's printer that has the $5, $10, $15 off your next order? that is the catalina (and catalina machine)
Rolling is to turn around and use that catalina on your next order of the same deal.

Simply put, you put out the money on the first deal and "roll" your savings (the catalina) onto the next deal and the next and the next.

Did that make sense?

Kimber said...

Forgot to add:

then put in your manufacturers coupons and you will REALLY get a deal!

that is why "rolling a cat" is such a big deal. Complicated and it takes a TON of planning to get your transactions organized to maximize your savings, but worth it!

Kara said...

Do you think that you can use this on the Tide? How many can one customer use?

Kimber said...

The doubler on the Tide?

Or are you asking if Tide is in the deal?

1. Tide is in the deal. IF you have coupons from the Sunday papers, Tide 75-100 oz will be around $5ish (after the $15 catalina)

2. Sure, you can use the doubler. But, if it were me, I'd take the doubler to the max and use it on a $1 off coupon. do that with 3 $3 off coupons and save $6 instead!

JMO, but you're better off maximizing your discount that way.

Is that what you are asking?

Kimber said...

On how many you can use, here is the official word I have from the Broadway store.

You can use the doubler coupon one time each.

You get 2 doublers per Albertsons ad AND you need to bring your own ad it.

each doubler lets you double 3 coupons so that's why you can save 6 times (and why I would find myself 6 $1 off coupons to use so I could max that puppy out).

You can only do it one time per week.

Did that make sense?

Kimber said...

Now on the spe 30 save $15 thing.
You can only do one SET of $30 per transaction.
Then you have to do another transaction if you want get more stuff in the deal.
This is where the question Mel had about "rolling catalinas" comes into play.
Downside: time consuming
Upside: Save lots of money

I realize you prolly know that already, but in the interest of helping newbies too I'd rather over explain this week's deal because it is really hard.

Really hard.

Kara said...

What if I have $1 off coupons tide should I use the doubler on them? Will they accept them? What time does West stat handing out coupons? I heard that they were not handing out coupons until 8 a.m.

Kimber said...

Yes, use the doubler on them! That will make your Tide $3.99 for a 75-1000z! Fantastic deal!

I talked to Wayne today and Leslie at Broadway Albies and was told that Frank (that's who is scheduled to be there) will not be there until 10am. But... Wayne is trying to come up with a way to get coupons at 8am.

I think if you have your own coupons and your aren't reliant on the store for anything, go whenever you want. But, if you need their coupons too, I'd show up around 8am. It's been pretty quiet there lately (of course now that I've said that it will be a jungle wednesday).

If you don't have coupons, go to the coupon train tomorrow. I can guarantee there will be some tide coupons plus lots of other stuff that people won't use. I have a small pile of coupons I am going to give to whoever wants them just so they won't go to waste!

Kara said...

Where is the coupon train? Are there many that come to it?