Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why I have to love IF Fred Meyers

I will talk more about Freddys in the next post, but I had to give an individual big ol' thank you to them.

Yesterday in my medicine induced haze I left Freddys with all 3 kids (shockingly) and no groceries. Yup, left them in my cart and went home. 15 minutes later I realized my mistake and called the store in a panic. Bless them, they sent out employees to scour the parking lot for my cart, but the groceries were gone. I drove back in hoping they would be found, but they weren't. So, I was gearing up to pack the kids and go home (just so mad at myself), when the customer service gal looked at my receipt and said, "You didn't buy much, go pick it out again and go home."

What an angel.

Proof that there are great people everywhere.

So, one reason to shop at Freddy's... they are really kind people.

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