Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wanna save on groceries like me?

Deal over!


Sandi said...

Deal Alert! I am not as savvy as all of you, but I wanted to share this deal I found at Walmart for Jimmy Dean Sausage. At the Ammon Walmart they are selling the 1 lb sausage thingies 2 for $4, which is not thata great BUT--some of those pkgs have a coupon for a free pkg of JD fresh sausage links or patties up to $6-something. The links/patties are $2.38 ea but you get them for free. So for $8 I got 4 lbs of sausage and 4 pkgs of links, or $1 for each thing! There are some sausage thingies right by the fresh links (the wall meat display) but if you are having trouble finding ones with coupons stuck on then go look in the kiosk meat display near the toilet paper aisle. I don't know if the Westside Walmart has this same deal. Hope this helps someone!

Jen and Sam said...