Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How I MADE $24.12 shopping yesterday

It's complicated, but it counts!

Went to the doctor and had to get a prescription (thanks sinus infection from hades). Decided to make it work for me.
  1. Clipped the Rite Aid ad that gives you a $30 gift card for any new prescription or transfer
  2. While that was going, went back to Broadway Albies. Used some of the Walgreens coupons on my Betty Crocker products to get my $30 in product for the $15 coupon back. Guess how much I spent with my Walgreens coupons? $6.88 Plus I got the $15 coupon
  3. I go pay my $5 for the prescription and get the giftcard.
  4. Now I've "made" $45.
  5. Next I go to Freddy's and spend $14 on cheese (killer deal), and some beans (again, killer deal).
  6. Now I've spent 20.88
  7. So, total I came out ahead $24.12.
  8. Next time I go to Albies I have $14 in anything coupons waiting for me and I have $30 for Rite Aid deals!
That is how you deal shop! Yay for sinus infections (I guess...)

ps. I'm not even including my savings yet.... watch the sidebar!

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lynsey said...

Does Albertson's always have that deal or is it a limited time offer?