Saturday, November 15, 2008

50% off SPANX!!! Yay!

I love Spanx. I mean, I really really love them.

They hide my muffin top (you know, the fat that rolls over your waist line of your jeans... shudder), they make it easier to pull on my tighter jeans and they help keep the pooch from having 3 kids under wraps.

I paid out the yin yang for my Spanx... and now I'll have to buy more!

Go here.

People, worth it.
Might I suggest the leggings because those are hawt?

While you're there, check out the storewide sale on all undergarments! Woot!


Destiny Rayburn said...

i've always wanted a pair of spanx but not wanted to spend the money. thanks for the info!

chelle said...

what are the best ones to get?