Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The awesomeness of the Broadway Albertsons in IF...

People, if I smoked I'd be bumming a cigarette off of you.

This sale is amazing. AMAZING.
If... you stick to your plan.

I stuck to mine and here is how it went:

6 transactions

92 items

Before tax: 52.17

My savings: 281.61

Some of what I bought:

All laundry detergent for 1.17 (1.67 without a coupon!!!)
OJ $1
Reddi Whip $1
Betty Crocker cake mix $.50
Breyers Ice Cream $.50
Chex $.75
BC cookie pouches $.45
Green Giant frozen veggie boxes FREE
Suave deoderant $.17
Vaseline Lotion FREE

And more and more and more!

The Broadway store was insane! I followed my usual routine and got in line after the 1st person (knowing her transaction would take about 20 minutes) and finished shopping from the line with a friend behind watching my cart. I was in at 5:30am and home by 7am.

The store was a mob scene by 8am!

The average spending vs savings appears to be $80 spent and $290 saved.

People this sale is through all of Albies in one form or another and even without coupons is very worthwhile! Run!

Hey, if you go, please comment on here your spending, savings and number of items for my curiosity!


Mel said...

I asked someone at the store here in poky about the con agra holiday bonus thing, but she didn't know a thing about it. so I guess that is a broadway thing only. which, finding that out changed my whole plan, so I need to regroup and go back to try again.

Kimber said...

They might not know about it, but it really is going on in Pocatello. You can't get extra coupons handed to you like they do in IF at the Broadway store, but you can still save a TON!

a great tool is an excel spreadsheet on page 7 or 8 or the Utah forum. Under Albertsons 11/5 etc.

Makes this week's deals easier to navigate.

The Duckers said...

81 items

$100.00 (some odd cents)

$288.00 (some odd cents)

Pretty good for not using ANY printable coupons eh?
I had fun after I woke up a little bit! :o)

Kimber said...

Melissa that is AMAZING without the extra coupons!
This sale is seriously amazing with or without extra coupons!

Mel said...

so, the con agra coupons print at the register i guess?

Kimber said...

yes, it will be a catalina at the register in 3 $5 off coupons.

Natalie said...

Well, I don't have everything broken down like you guys, but I spent about $76 and saved over $290(give or take a few cents).

My best single transaction was when I spent $5.80 and saved $53.27. Wahoo! I still have $15 to go towards my next Ablies purchase, so I'm going to do the Kung Fu Panda deal on Monday:

$19.95 Kung Fu Panda, get $3.00 automatically off to make it $16.95, then I'll get 3 free items on top of that--knorr's side w/ veggies, poptarts, & popsicles, all for a little over $2.00!!!!!

And let me just say, the Albertson's on Broadway has some of the sweetest employees around. They knew that we were frustrated waiting in line so long, so they were so sweet and patient when the cashiers got to each person. Talk about quality service!

Even if the deals weren't as amazing as they are, I still like going there because the employees actually take the time to care. You don't really see that anymore.

Sandi said...

I found your Ode to the Broadway Albertsons on towerclan by doing a Google search for "Idaho Falls grocery blog." You were on page 4 or 5, I think. I went to Broadway Albertsons yesterday because I was in the neighborhood, and was a little freaked out when TWO employees helped me at different times find things I was looking for. Don't these people know that the rest of the world has declared customer service extinct? I thought it was just a fluke until I found your Ode. I would love to get involved in that coupon class you were talking about. What do I do? Lead me!

~AnnaMarie~ said...

I didnt add up my items but I spent $150 and saved $350. I'm thinking about going back :) My SIL spent $100 and saved $457. She kicked my butt. And she didnt go Wed morning so she was out much quicker.

Ben and Jade said...

Glad all this good stuff works for you folks, but it was a bust for us in Clarkston, Wash. Three of us went late last night to avoid all crowds. The employees were very helpful and helped us figure things out, but in the end the three of us spent TWO HOURS checking out despite only three transactions (and very few extra coupons) each. The catalina did not give us the extra $15 about 75 percent of the time. We had two managers and three cashiers trying to get things to work out, even voiding four of our transactions and starting over, and nothing. (The cashier originally used the store's club savings card instead of asking for ours, and apparently the catalina doesn't give the extra deals in that case. But even when we figured that out, it still didn't work.) We came home with a car full of items we wouldn't have bought without the expectation of the extra half off (without the extra half off they were cheaper at Winco). And we were TIRED.

We came, we tried, we were conquered.

Kimber said...

Sandi, yay!

I will have the coupon queens contact you.

Everyone else, keep posted, I just talked Amanda and Melanie from Stretching your Dollars into a great deal on their newsletter for new customers to try it out...

Kimber said...

Jade, no good!

Okay, for everyone who shops in Northern Idaho:

I just got off the phone with Bridget (front line manager) at the clarkston Albies.

She felt terrible about Jade's experience because the managers and cashier, though nice, were WRONG. Anyone can go to that albies and do this weeks deal 100 times if they want!
You just have to do each transaction of $30 separately.
Even if the catalina doesn't trigger, there are ways for the Albertson's employees to make sure you get your savings and they can and WILL do that for you.
Bridget wants everyone to come in and save a ton of money.
Oh and she is getting Jade and Jade's friend their $15... so moral of the story, sometimes you have to be diligent, but ALL Albertsons will work for you on this deal!

Kimber said...

Adding some more totals from a few friends who are not online:

Carrie F. Spent $100 and saved $300

Dawn G. Spent $62 (after tax) and saved $282

Raini Spent $60 and Saved $280

Of these people, it was Carrie's FIRST TIME trying out deals!

Dawn has been doing this over six months and Raini about six months.

People, anyone can do these deals and come out great!

These were all Broadway Albertsons...

Amanda Fricke and Melanie Brown said...

Hey Everyone I did AMAZING at the sale here are my deals!!!

I bought 221 items (which included 22 lbs of chicken $6 worth of shrimp, 4 gallons of milk, OJ, and diapers) I spent $50.21 that included my tax, and I saved $750.00!!!
Amanda Fricke visit us on the web

Kimber said...

There you go people... from one of the coupon QUEENS themselves!

This is why I follow them around like a little puppy, lol!

chelle said...

I am not sure how this sale works. Do you have to spend 30.00 each transaction after coupons or before coupons. I am a first timer and I just need some guidance. After each of your transactions they give you 3 $5 coupons?

Kimber said...

It's okay to be a first timer! It's $30 BEFORE coupons! Makes it an outstanding deal!

Get out there and shop!