Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Even more love for the Broadway Albertsons

Here is what I realized the other day about this week's sale. Remember, sometimes I am very dense.

If you spend $25 before coupons on ANYTHING, you get a turkey for as low as $.38/lb!

Couple this with the Green Giant steamers that are FREE if you have the coupons (which I had a ton of).
25 Green Giants + 1 big turkey = $6 cash!

That is an amazing deal!

Even if you don't have the Green Giant coupons to do this, here's another cheapo deal!

Buy 20 pillsbury cakes (they are on sale for 10 for $10 plus when you buy 10 you get $5 back, no coupon required, so that is $.50 a mix)
Then get 5 Land O Lake butter with canola (they are 10 for $10 plus they have attached $.55 off coupons to them so they are $.45 each)
Now grab a huge turkey.
Total will be around: $12 something plus the $6ish for a turkey so $18!

That is an awesome deal!
Remember, you can freeze the butter and the cake mixes can be used to make cookies AND muffins (I'm hunting for the directions for the muffin thing).

They have the Land O Lake coupons at the Albies and also a ton more of the cream cheese coupons as I gave them a ton of my leftover coupons yesterday (and still have more for those of you who wanted them!)

Find Wayne, tell him you NEED a cheap turkey and he'll help you out!

Oh and on the turkey... buy extras. Why? Because they are easy to can! Here is what I will be doing:

Once a month we'll have a turkey dinner. After we're done we will carve that turkey and can the meat (very very easy, toss meat in jar, add water and a pinch of salt and pressure cook following the Ball Blue Book).
Then we will take the carcass, bag it and freeze it. When I want to make soup I'll just pull it out, toss it in a pot and have soup! Then we'll can that too!
Think of all the extra meals you can have with one turkey! Totally a money saver!

Now, go fill your freezer with turkeys! And say thank you to the amazing people at Broadway Albies for the hot deals!

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Natalie said...

Thanks for breaking it all down for me!

It was getting exciting when you were telling me about it on the phone, but then it started getting overwhelming, so it's nice to see it broken down enough for me to take a deep breath and then plan!

I'll let you know how I used my extra $15 off coupons at Albies.