Monday, November 3, 2008

Albertsons sale 11/4 WOW!

Okay, my head is spinning trying to put this together!

The lists are up at (NW forum) and (Utah forum)

I will have extra qs of some items, so feel free to check!

This is THE sale to go nuts on!

And the chicken will work Wednesday!


The IF Broadway store will be doling out the extra qs at 5:30am, 8am and in the evening. I have been told that they will ration them per customer, so be warned!

Remember to play nice and don't jostle me if I'm wearing the baby!


Natalie said...

Sweet! Even Chris is excited for me and has already lectured me about getting prepared. (Men!)

See you at the butt-crack of dawn Wednesday (Chris's terminology for obscenely early times)

Mel said...

do you think all this stuff will work at other albies? I don't think they are as nice as the broadway one.

Kimber said...

It does work at other stores, the question is how confident are you if the cashiers give you grief?

My advice is to try this deal 2 times (2 transactions of the $15 off when you spend $30 BEFORE coupons)--- remember, you have to do 2 sets of 30 or you will not get all the $15 catalinas). If the cashiers are cool about it, try it again later that day or something.

You should have no trouble, but sometimes they store doesn't like couponers as much as they do here and so it can be not as much fun. Mostly they will be fine with it though.

lmk how it goes!

Oh and I did get your fb message... I totally forgot to email you!