Friday, January 30, 2009

Start your Christmas Shopping NOW! (Article from local class)

*First off, thanks for those who came. Good stuff. Second, here is what I talked about in written form. If you've heard me talk you know that I justjabber until my face turns blue, so this written form is prolly quite different.

Also, if you have ideas you want to add to this article, please comment!

Christmas shopping year round!

Reasoning, instructions and emotional support for those who are afraid

Let’s argue (so I can win)!

1. This sounds like woooork! Boo! Yep, it is work. I have 3 words for you: suck it up! Saving money is a full time job, but it is worth it! Plus, when you pull this off you can lord your frugalista status over all of your friends and then get stuck teaching classes like this (live the dream people).

2. I know nothing about online shopping. Friend, you are missing out. I have always shopped in my jammies… but now I don’t get funny looks from the cashier! Online shopping is easier than you think and is quite a lot of fun! You can compare prices, watch for deals and read product reviews all while you eat breakfast! If you need to learn, this is what I suggest. Find some hip looking gal (or guy) from church, your child’s dance class, or chase down your 20 year old grandkid. Beg them for help. You will reap multiple benefits: You will learn all about the online world, you will make a new friend (or get in touch with a loved one on a closer level) and you will make someone feel important! Good job!

3. I don’t have time! Yes you do! Divide this list into however many months you want/need to get this done. Pretend you have 50 gifts to buy and 10 months. Okay, no problem, buy 5 each month! Easy!

4. I can’t afford to do this! Yes you can! Just like above, divide it up! Give yourself $20 each month to get your shopping done. To pay for that, eat out one time less each month. Done!

5. Your budget is unreal! I can’t do that! Maybe not yet. Remember I have years of experience and I have learned new things each year. Cut yourself some slack and just start small.

Any other arguments? Feel free to tell me!


1. Make a list of people in your household that you shop for (kids and spouse should cover it)

2. Make a list of people you MUST buy for. Some examples are: Anyone who buys you a gift every single year (unless we can talk them out of it… more on this later)

3. Make a list of people you kind of feel like you should do something for. Examples: coworkers, bosses (unless you feel a burning desire to kiss up, then move this person immediately to the full out gift category), neighbors, friends from church, children’s teachers

Now that your lists are made, let’s go back to list one.







Me (Shep’s wife)

Now lets make this list a bit prettier (remember, I write my lists out by hand every year. I am only doing this all fancy-like because I’m putting this online when I am done).

Larry (6 years old)

Big gift:

Toy gifts:




Clothing gifts


Total cost:

Curly (3 years old)

Big gift: Rocking Horse ($20)

Toy gifts:

1 Jedi Sword 2 pack ($7)



Clothing gifts

1 set of 5 shirts, 5 pants, 2 shoes and a coat ($20)


Total cost: $47 so far

Moe (1 year old)

Big gift: Big Teddy Bear ($5)

Toy gifts:

1 Pirate set ($8)

2 Car pack of 3 ($4)

3 Coloring books ($2)

Clothing gifts

3 sets of jammies, 2 packs of socks, winter jacket and boots ($25)


Total cost: $44


Big gift: Walking Stick ($17)

The rest:

Ped Egg ($10)

Book ($2)

Indiana Jones Movie ($7)

Total cost: $36 so far

Me (Shep’s Wife)

Big gift: Clothes from Old Navy sale ($20)

The rest:

Book ($8)

Knitting Book ($3)

Total cost: $31 so far

Family gifts:

I put things here like movies, books, games… things that everyone would like but that I can’t give to just one person.

Okay, first take a gander at Larry’s list. It is completely blank. Enjoy.

The other lists are still in progress. Note the total cost.

*Quick tip on gift wrapping. I am lazy and cheap. So, I buy the cute gift boxes at any discount store I stumble in to. I write the name of whoever is getting the gift in teeny print on one side of the box. I keep all my boxes and reuse them next year and the year after that until the boxes fall apart. Easy to wrap and a money saver!

Things to note on these lists that will give you some self control tools (we hope)

1. The ages of your main giftees. Younger kids really don’t need much, usually the gifts for them are really to make you happy anyhow, so STOP buying things they don’t need! Case in point: in 2007 my youngest child was 5 days old Christmas morning. He received one gift under the tree. Does that make me a bad mom? I’m going to go with no since I gave him a fairly generous gift a few days before when I BIRTHED HIM! Besides, I’m pretty sure the kidlet did not care much. Also, you need to think of the precedent you are setting. Start SMALL (and stay that way!)

2. The toy threshold (if you are shopping for kids). Each child gets one big “Santa” (or whatever) gift. Then they get 3 more toy gifts. From past experience I have found that toy gifts are amazing and glorious until toy gift 4. After that it just becomes a series of ripping paper and reaching for the next gift. We want to maximize the wonder of Christmas around here, so we stop at 4. Everything is spectacular for the kids and our budget is safe.

3. Clothes toys… love the bulk they add under the tree. Think about this. If you have kids, you need to buy them clothing. A lot. I buy clothes a year or so ahead. I keep them in a closet, sorted by size and stored with their receipts. Every Christmas I pull them all out, put them under the tree and let the kids open them. The kids aren’t THAT excited about the clothing, but it was another present to open and I take everything back up and put them into my closet at the end of the day. Everyone wins. Plus, since I buy clothing far ahead, I ALWAYS get good deals on them!

4. The total. This is important to watch. I have a limit for kids, usually $50 per child for Christmas. Here’s the thing though. I don’t give a rip at how much I spent per kid, as long as the boxes are even. Kids don’t see receipts when they are young, but they can notice that Larry got 3 boxes and Moe got 6. So, right this second don’t worry about the cost (as long as you are under budget), worry about the quantity.

5. The adult gifts. We keep our total close to the kids unless there is a pressing need for something, or someone really wants a special gift. More on that later.

As you can see, if I obey my list and budget, I will spend $300 for my family Christmas gifts.

Now, let’s talk about List number 2 from the top. (Remember that or is your head swimming yet?)

This list is much easier (as it should be)!

1. Grandparents A

2. Grandparents B

3. Sister family A

4. Other Sister and family A

5. Sibling from family swap B

6. Aunt and Uncle A

7. Great granny B

8. Best friend that I see every day and family

9. Favorite friend from high school that I still talk to (just pretend, okay?)

10. Husband’s best friend family

11. Person who always gives us a fancy gift

Okay, big scary list, right? Not so much. Here is what you are going to do with this. You’re going to think about your family. Look at Grandparent A. They love to eat at Happy’s Chinese Resturaunt in Idaho Falls (for the record, the best Chinese food in the state. Eat it. Love it. Thank me later.). So, let’s make life easy. Call sister A and other sister A and go in on a gift certificate together for $21, so $7 each. Then, make your kids do some lovely craft for their grandparents and attach a picture of the child who did it, the age and some memory the kid told you about them. Instant sentimental gift. I’m going to be money that Granny and Gramps will prefer that to the $40 seat warmer you were looking at when you rushed to the mall last December. While I enjoy a warm hiney, I prefer a warm heart. Let’s look at Grandparents B. They are on a mission and don’t need more junk. Send them pictures of the kids, letters and a calling card. Ta da. Now on to sister A. She just had a baby. Buy diapers. On sale. Getting the picture?

This is what I do. I think about that person and what I hear them say, what they complain about, get all excited over, etc. I buy what I would like if I were them. And, if applicable, I include a gift receipt. But… and here is the key… with the exception of the people who gave you life (remember them?), spend NO MORE than $5 per gift (that includes family gifts). Parents, I say give them $10.

Now, before you scream “cheapskate!” let me help you here. Look at life, think of how broke you are. My money literally tells me that you aren’t the only one hurting. So, go to your family and tell them what you are going to do and beg them to do the same for you. Do it with your friends too. They’ll probably tell you that you are a genius. Take the credit, it’s okay. But, one day, I may ask you for a favor…

Another way to save that is a total duh: gift exchanges. If you have more than 2 siblings or more than 4 cousins… either keep gifts from the dollar store or do a gift exchange.

I know what you are thinking. What in the frick can you get for $5 that isn’t pure junk? Hold on, I’m getting there!

Finally for group 3 in our list. The people you feel compelled to do SOMETHING for every year.

Some sample people:

1. Paperboy

2. Mailman

3. Coworkers

4. Not to close neighbors

5. People from church

Get the idea?

This is simple. Go to the dollar store tomorrow. Buy twice the amount of clearance Christmas cards than you need. Write a Christmas letter in December and attach a cheap pic of your family. Mail it. Done. Not the Christmas card or letter type? Okay. Alternative one: Suck it up and deal. Change causes character growth you wanny! Alternative two: Send out a cheap postcard (made on your printer)or an email that says, “Happy holidays, read out blog (then give a blog address). Alternative three: make cookies and take them around.

Either way, keep it cheap! Really cheap! Odds are very few of these people will return the favor, so you don’t want to be out more than $10 when this is said and done (though I’m not including postage there… sorry!) Also, keep track of this list. If someone doesn’t do anything for you this year and it suits your fancy, feel free to omit them from next year’s list. Nothing personal, but you have to watch those pennies!

Now… some ideas for buying cheap gifts!

For list 1 (family in your home):

First off, if you have small children, there is nothing wrong with gently used FREE toys. Find a pal and trade some toys. Just this year one of my children got an amazing Santa gift that was about 2 years old that a friend gave me. It is the favorite toy and used every day.

Second, start watching sales. Clothes go on sale year round. Buy the clearance a year ahead size wise and stock up!

Toy sales… here is a huge hint. has enormous toy sales starting around Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). Save that part of your budget until then (unless you find better deals sooner, then buy some birthday gifts during the sale).

For bigger family gifts, plan what you want around tax season and buy ahead. Then use your self control and don’t touch whatever it is until Christmas (or take away the temptation and store it elsewhere)!

For list 2 (still gifts, but cheaper):

Black Friday is your friend. But, try something new and shop it online this year. Same deals, but they start at midnight.

Watch for cheap magazine subscriptions. This year I bought 4 different friends subscriptions to Rachel Ray Magazine that cost me about $3 each. Perfect.

Watch online websites for deals, snatch up the best ones without thinking who to give it to. Promise, you’ll find the right person for the gift.

For list 3:

There are always deals for cheap to free photo prints. Watch for them and then have your pictures made for cards. Easy!

Final tips:

Be realistic! I realize my numbers are SMALL. Maybe too small for you to do this year. So, do this. Figure your Christmas budget last year. Half it. Stick to that amount at all costs.

Whatever you do… no credit cards. Debit or cash. Seriously. I can’t think of a single gift that is worth a 19% interest rate right now.

Keep your list (well, a copy of your list) with you at all times. You never know when you will find a gift for Christmas that you can check off. Plus this will keep you from over buying!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

HOT! Babycarrier sale!

Run like ponies!
While you're at it, check out the babywearing vest and coats. I have some of both and I use them constantly!



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm teaching a frugality class this Thursday!

Okay, this is your one and only reminder about this class.

Who: Me
What: Teaching a class (see below for the deets)
When: Thursday the 29th at 7pm
Where: The LDS church in the middle of Rigby behind the Junior High (I don't do street names)
Why: Because

The deets:

This class is broadly on frugality, but specifically on how to finish Christmas shopping by Summer to early Fall on half your usual budget.
I suggest bringing paper and pen because I'm going to fly through things and we're doing a lot of practical application.
I know it seems like weird topic, but next December you will think of this class, promise.

Anyone is welcome to attend. And, for the non LDS crowd, there shall only be the preaching of deals (I don't do ambush preaching, not my style).

I was shocked to hear that there is a rather decent sized crowd already signed up (I expected 5 at most and it's going to be more...), so come ready to party. Feel free to bring buddies and plan on it being an hour at most. I am really shooting for a short presentation in the interest of going home and watching "Supernatural" (sigh, Jensen Ackles... so hot...)

That is all.

couponing with competitors coupons: a vent

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

This is a current sore spot for me.

Not because of anything in particular, but a building frustration on my part.

But, it is a twofold frustration.

First, in regards to stores handling their competitors coupons. Policy should be followed, yes yes. However, understanding should be shown IF (and this is a big IF) perhaps in the past policy was, ahem, ignored to a degree. Not every couponer is trying to rip you off and not every couponer understands all the store policies. A bit of kindness on the part of cashiers is appreciated. Also, truly following the policy in a uniform fashion is appreciated by all.

Now, in regards to couponers... people. I have been known to use a competitor coupon or two (or eight) in the past. I don't see anything wrong with using them as long as everyone follows each store's policy and is respectful about it. If you aren't sure, ask first. Don't get mad if they say no. Know that it is a bit of a gamble and treat it as such.

Finally, for everyone involved... I keep hearing these finger pointing statements all over my local coupon community. Some blame local businesses, some blame websites and some still blame people. May I respectfully submit that any problems from using competitor coupons that have arisen are not any one person or business' fault, but a collective fault of EVERYONE. And, how about this... no more finger pointing, it is frustrating, hurtful and altogether not super productive. On a personal level it turns me off to businesses and people. How about everyone just moves onward and upward about it.

Okay, random coupon vent over. Back to your regularly scheduled deals!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Check the updated tax deals

I found a few more places with some deals on doing your taxes.

I just finished mine today! I was really nervous to do the taxes since we have paid someone for years, but with Turbo Tax it was a piece of cake (or a giant twinkie if you read my other blog) and the cost was nothing compared to what I've had to pay in the past!

I am totally doing that again next year!

I heart turbo tax!

Oh, yes, here is the link to the tax post:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Want cheap squeaky shoes for your kiddos?

Go here and thank me later!
Here Silly!

I love these shoes. All of my kids wear them (we just remove the squeaks when they get too big for the novelty of it or when it gets annoying).

If you really want to save, find a pile of friends and order $100 worth of shoes and you can get them for cheaper in their wholesale section!

Mistakes I have found when buying meat

So, I am about to go over budget again this month.
Very annoying.
Granted, I only have $100 to spend, but still...

So, this is what I have determined.
Beef NEVER goes on sale in the winter. Okay, let me rephrase that. Beef NEVER goes on a great sale in the winter. Poultry goes on sale constantly, pork goes on sale too, but beef...

Needless to say, I had to buy some hamburger this month. We love our turkey and chicken, but we were starting to get that "there's nothing to eat" feeling when our cupboards are full.

So, I found a decent sale on hamburger and bought a load of it to get me through the next month or so.

Lesson here, this summer, buy beef! Lots of beef! Turkey in the fall (chicken I see year round) and beef in the summer!

That's all for now on this subject.

NOW is the time to start planning a garden

I'll be honest, I am not the gardening expert in this household, my husband is. So don't ask me important gardening questions as I will stare the the computer screen blankly and cyber shrug at you.

But still... time to get your green thumb on!

Right now watch the following sites for deals:

Michigan Bulb (flowers and some tree type stuff)

Gurneys usually has a few "buy $20 worth of crap, get $20 more free", so be prepared to go nuts.

This is the year you will do it! We are going to plant our gardens, learn to eat, dry, freeze and can it and really save money!

FREE Parents Magazine subscription for 2 years!

This may or may not work for you, but it's worth a shot! Thanks Ashlee for the tip!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You can't win them all

So, today at Albies did not go well.

I was operating under a handicap. I broke my tailbone last week (see my family blog for the sordid affair if you must), and I didn't sleep last night because I overdid it yesterday and was in too much pain to sleep. Plus, my dear sweet one year old has croup AGAIN and was only content if he was laying on top of me, drooling on my, sneezing on me... it was a rough night.

I was going to stay home, but since I had to take the baby to the dr (MUST. FIX. THE. CROUP!) I decided to go shopping.

I didn't even bother with the Quaker sale for two key reasons.
  1. The store was out of everything I wanted
  2. I am still very well stocked from the last Quaker sale so I am going to go back later to fill in what I need (an important reason to buy a year supply of things like oatmeal. Once you have it a this fantastic sale price, you just have to buy a few when they go on sale to keep your stockpile up!)
I was after the Conagra sale, specifically the Healthy Choice meals. I normally don't buy such things when I can make better meals from scratch, but my hubby is allergic to msg, autolyzed yeast extract and yeast extract (the same thing by 3 names) and this product doesn't have any of that junk! And that means my hubby can take those to work to eat! Very important when the criminals don't quit long enough for the man to chow down.

So, I went nuts and got 18 of them. (Don't judge me! If your dh were allergic to everything you would have done it too!) I didn't notice the price difference that would change how I purchased however.
So, I did 2 transactions when I should have done 3 and spent $10 more than I should have. I also didn't count my coupons out and I'm worried that I gave them 2 extra coupons in one transaction (if I did, I am so sorry Albies, I will bring you the money when I come in next!)

Anyhow, I left rather mad at myself for not doing the cardinal rule of couponing:
Obey the list! Do not deviate from the list!

Wait, that wasn't it (but that is the real cardinal rule of couponing).

Breathe. Think. Double check your transactions before you go to check out. An organized couponer is the thriftiest of all!

So, shame on me. But, you know, Albertsons deserves some of my extra dollars, so I'm not that mad!

Now, get out there and shop! Oatmeal! Buy buy buy! This is a great deal and it only happens a few times a year so go nuts!

btw, Broulims is actually having a decent sale on chicken breasts and thighs. 11 for $10 for a 24oz package. If you need chicken, there you have it.

Off to sulk some more.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Frugalistas Unite! January

So, I get a lot of emails (A LOT) to all my email addys, messaging services, etc, asking for help to save money. I am always mildly entertained when people ask me for help because frankly, I'm just some cheapo stumbling around blindly trying to find the best ways to save a buck and live on a policeman's salary!

But, I get asking for help... I've done it a lot along my way. I remember the first BIG frugal change I made (besides going to cloth diapers... people do it. Really.) was begging my friend Dawn to teach me how to make bread. Bless her heart, she hauled her kids over and spent a day baking bread with me, from start to finish, making me do the work so I would understand it... the entire deal. That was about 2 years ago and other than the gift of store bought bread from my mommy every so often, we haven't eaten anything but homemade bread since!

I have often tried to come up with some sort of program to dole out to people who ask me for help and honestly, I have had no success. It's just such an individual thing! I will totally save money on some things (hello, cloth diapers) that freak the crap out of others, while I need to splurge on others (hello, my fancy haircuts with my hairstylist Brandie at Serenity) that others can skimp on no problem.

So, this is what I'm doing. I'm going to toss out a few goals a month. Try them all or pick and choose. The final goal will always be my new goal for me. You are welcome to play and tell us your results!

Oh and feel free to keep emailing me too, I really don't mind!


Goal 1.
Stop buying bread.

Bread recipe for you:

Country White
4 cups very warm water
3 tbsp yeast
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 tbsp salt
4 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup oil
5 cups bread flour

Mix that crap. Add in about 4-5 more cups o' bread flour, one cup at a time until it's not super sticky, but not hard either.

Let it sit for 25 min and then beat it again.

Toss into 3 greased bread pans and let rise for a FEW minutes (a few or it will explode in the oven) while the oven heats to 375 degrees. Bake until golden and then pop out of pans and butter up.


Goal 1 B (For you wussie cheapskates, lol):
Buy bread at the day old bakery in bulk and freeze it! A month's worth!

Goal 2:
Buy 50lbs of bread flour and store them. Make them easy to get for rotation, but in a cool dark dry place. I suggest 18 gallon totes myself.

Goal 3:Unplug EVERYTHING in the house if you are not using it. Including the tv. Including nightlights during the day. Everything.

(Secret goal 4: start making your Christmas list for next year. Tis the season, promise)

Let me know how it goes!

Monster Sale at Childrens Place NOW!

People I adore this store. Their dye lots are always the same so I can buy clothing years in advance and they will match all of the clothes I buy between them. If you have a girl, you understand why that is a big deal.

The monster sale is awesome! Buy dresses, coats, pants and shoes! And don't forget tights and shirts!

Check out this cool sites for extra coupon codes to make your deal better:

(loving that site)

Here for the Childrens Place!

Happy Shopping and remember, buy clothing NOW for birthdays and Christmas! Believe me, if you start now (and keep for receipts for crying out loud), you will spend so much less than you did last year, promise)!

Family Fun and Wondertime magazines $2 a year again!

People, here are some great late (or early) Christmas gifts! I adore these magazines!

For a limited time.
Family Fun or Wondertime subscriptions
10 issues/yr - Only $2 per year!!
New or Renewal

Remember, the prices adjust AFTER you go to checkout.

Family Fun link

Do your taxes for cheap-FREE!

Watch this post as I'm going to try to just compile all the cheap/free deals I find onto it.

So far:

(I found this on 2 websites, so it will go fast, download now!)

Thank You for Choosing TurboTax Business 2008

Your FREE version of TurboTax Business is the exact same software that's sold for $109.95 in stores and elsewhere online. But for you, there's no cost or obligation. We're giving you TurboTax Business completely free in hopes that you'll keep coming back to TurboTax year after year.

Adding more 1/23/09

Free basic federal taxes:


25% off any turbo tax (if you have more than at 1040ez, use this!)


If you find a tax deal, post a comment so I can add it please!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hooray! Albertsons Diaper Deal! Woot!

Woot! The deal works! This is the diaper thing I mentioned in the comments the other day!

Read all of this to understand fully and if you have questions lmk.
The following 2 emails came from the store director at the Broadway Albertsons. Bless them all for amazing deals like these!

Here's the deal. Pampers-10.00 each. buy 3 for 30.00 get 20.00 back in coupons off your next shopping order (4-5.00 off coupons!) There are 1.00 off vendor coupons too! Buy today before they are gone
Today, the Pampers will all be gone today, so don't wait till tomorrow! We are trying to get more! Thanks to some of our Loyal shoppers and a big shout out to one from Rigby (Thank you!)

Net price $7.00

Then I just got this email a second ago:
Thank you for the tremendous response! We will run out shortly....don't waste a trip.(newborn and #1 are all that is out at the moment...)We have an entire truck load at 2 a.m. tonight! See you tomorrow. I hope it works still! If so, we will have plenty for few hours in A.M. tomorrow!
-update, it will allow you 3 sets of 3 (9). Then no more CATS(catalina coupons) print. WOW! 3.33 each is a stock up! Some of you have 1.00 off VENDOR(manufacture) coupons and they work great!
P.S. Please remember vendor coupons do not take 30.00 purchase below 30.00 trigger(we love vendor coupons), HOWEVER the doubler coupon will that we have in the ad that gives you up to 1.00 more per vendor coupon this is funded by us and takes from the total or in otherwords voids that dollar amount on your purchase. Helps you save, but also for those you only buying the hot ad will need to buy more to offset. STOCK UP!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Chugga Chugga!

So, the coupon train will make it's first stop this week!

email me for the address because it is not at my house
Bring your grocery list for this week printed out and the coupons you have to trade!

Important note: while there is a core group of expert couponers, we are not teaching any classes. We can answer your questions here and there and make sure you are doing things right, but if you want someone to hold your hand and teach you, this is not the place. If you are self teaching however, you should be just dandy!

On this weeks Albies sale: I've seen the ad and it is amazing!
It is the spend $30 get $15 off on your next order again! Different products! Yes you can roll the catalina over!

Attention: Read the following carefully. I hesitate to mention it, but feel a responsibility to make sure people are aware of the following coupon limitations to avoid dishonest and abusive couponing practices. I love a deal myself, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing (and driving a store out of business).
Plus, there will be a coupon doubler! Yay! This means if you have a $1 coupon, they will make it a $2 coupon! But (BIG but), you cannot abuse this! You need to bring your own ad for your own paper and you can do it one time. For the entire week. THE END. Now, you can potentially save $6 with your big chance, so don't get all cranky, but really I cannot emphasize this enough DON'T ABUSE THE SYSTEM! IT HURTS ALL OF US! PLEASE!

Okay, that's all for now. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

coupon etiquette and other ethical issues

So, this was on my mind tonight as my pal went into our local gas station to pick up the coupons we have made arrangements to get every week. Once again, some unknown person has slipped in ahead of us and taken them.
This chaps my hiney for a few reasons.
  1. I did all the legwork to get them. I got permission, I got the routine going. I even called our local paper to confirm that this was okay to do with unsold newspapers. It was a lot of work and a pain to do all of that
  2. .I wait until the end of the night so that I don't take papers that someone might buy for the coupons. Whoever is taking them slips in hours ahead of me which means that they could be stealing coupons from a potential customer at the gas station.
  3. I don't like sneakiness and it bothers me that someone who knew what I was doing decided to be all sneaky.
Here's the thing though. Aside from the part where they could be stealing coupons from a potential customer of that gas station (which could anger that person, the newspaper people and the gas station and ruin a good thing), it really isn't wrong to do that. I do find it to be unethical.

Snaking coupons from others isn't really a great way for karma to play.

This reminds me of an important rule for shoppers at the IF Broadway store. Remember, this store clips coupons for us. They pay for them and if you take them, you are STEALING! That really and truly is wrong to do. So, don't please.

Something else that is wrong... photo copying online coupons. Way bad to do.

Also, trying to sneak in expired coupons or 2 coupons for 1 item. Not fair to the store at all.

Okay, I'm going to get off my soapbox and get back to prepping for this weeks Albertsons sale. It's an awesome one! Here's a hint... if you need diapers, this is your week! Next week... Quaker time!

Coming soon is the first of many chip and pop sales (yay Superbowl!) and another Campbells sale SHOULD be in the works! Hooray!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cheap magazine deal! Family Circle for $3!

Here is the email I got. for the record, this is a great late Christmas gift for someone, or for yourself! You can buy a few years at once and it's totally worth it! I only get magazines for free or deeply discounted at this price (if only Sam would go with me on that and quit buying mags at the store, argh!)

For a limited time.

Family Circle only $3.00 per year!
15 issues/yr-
That's 20 cents per issue!!

New or Renewal
(Save 80% off regular subscription price) !
No automatic renewals
This deal does not require a coupon code but you must select CHECKOUT before prices will adjust. You can view your price adjustment prior to paying.
Quick and easy recipes, do-it-yourself decorating, fat-fighting secrets and health alerts, family advice, great ideas for getting organized, money and time saving tips, and so much more.
We accept PAYPAL, all major credit cards, check and money order.
We DO NOT accept debit cards. Thank you.

CHEAP price, awesome sewing machine! Janome deal!

Okay, 2 places to look for this:

or ebay under seller allbrands

Here is the deal:
Sew Precise

CONSUMER DIGEST #1 Best Buy 37 Stitch Computer LCD Sewing Machine, 3x1 Step Buttonholes, Speed Limit -
Buy 1 $299 (reg price $400)

& Get 1 FREE!!!

Plus pay shipping of course!
This means you get a GREAT machine for a bit ober $150 with shipping! Woot! I own 3 Janomes and I love them all!

drop in bobbin, auto needle threader, 37 stitch patterns, 3 x 1-step buttonhole styles, speed control, 7 Point Feed Dogs, bobbin winder declutch by pulling handwheel.

Also... psst! If you go to Bradys in Idaho Falls with a print out (from the ebay listing or the website) you MIGHT (no promises) be able to get them to give you this deal. I know they have honored online deals in the past for sewing machines so it's worth a shot!

LMK if you get one! Or you could even post here that you want to find a partner to get a machine and maybe someone else will pipe up!