Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to make the most of yardsale season

My husband and I love yard sale season. We always find fantastic deals on items we really need.

But, it really wasn't always that way.

Here are some tips I thought I would pass along to you:

  1. make a list over the weeks and months of things you want. Keep one copy above your computer and when you see deals, check your list. Keep a copy in your purse for when you are out and about (at yardsales and such) and for when you forget your purse (it happens). Refer to the list. Now, if you want to go off list, that's your call, but you may overspend.
  2. Don't be afraid to haggle. Today was the first time in ages I didn't haggle on any prices, but all the items I bought were priced fantastically. But, typically, I make a pile of what I want (if I find enough for a pile and usually if I find 2 things I like, I'll find a lot more) and I usually offer 1/4 less than what they are asking. 9 times out of ten they take it. And if they say no its okay because if I liked it enough to make the pile I like it enough to pay that price.
  3. Go early to get the best stuff.
  4. Go late to get the cheapest prices.
  5. Take change. I get a lot of mileage out of my change.
  6. Leave your name if they don't take your price and you want the item, just not enough to pay what they are asking. I get a lot of calls around 4pm the day of a garage sale that way.
Now, if yard saling embarrasses you, you should let this go. If you really need to feel chic (and I get that, not all of us like to just flat out tell people that we are broke, lol), tell them you are going green by recycling peoples' unwanted items. You will be Al Gore-ific!

So far this summer, here are the best deals I've found:

  • A minifridge that works great for $10
  • A 2003 or 4 Dell computer that has a flat screen monitor and is in perfect condition for $50
  • Jeans for my daughter in new condition for $.50
  • Military boots for my husband for FREE
  • Black wood bunkbeds with the mattresses and box springs for $100, excellent condition
  • A plastic toybox in great condition for $2 (and it's huge!)
  • A pirate toy set that had a castle set too (that I nearly bought on sale for Christmas but couldn't overcome the $20 per set price ON SALE new) for $10. Total. Um, woot!
That's just a small handful of the deals we have found this summer.

And people are gearing up for fall and selling off their junk now, so go nuts!

See you at the sales!


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Kristy Skoy said...

I had a yard sale yesterday and had all of 10 customers! I would have given it away if they wanted it! I still have a couch Hide a bed. If anyone wants it $25 in Shelley. good condition!
Thanks for all your great ideas!

Dana's Fiscal Magic said...

I got one of those digital photo frames (8 inches) for $5!!!