Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AWESOME Kraft Sale at Albies this week!

I personally am giddy for this weeks sale! It is going to be great!

I plan to stock up on the california kitchen pizza for one (perfect lunch for my husband and with the $5 catalina and coupons it will only cost me $1 per lunch for him! Woot!

I am also going after the Chips Ahoy and the Capri Sun. I could be wrong, but I would watch our beloved Broadway Albies to see if they will have coupons to make that a sweeter deal.

Here is the thing, there is a mail in rebate you can only do one time, BUT you can roll the $5 catalina more than once, so this week is going to be great!

This is the moment to stock up on the snacky foods because I doubt we'll see them on sale a ton coming into the fall.

Also, be prepared for the case lot sales coming up. Have you been squirreling away some money for them? You need to be! A few BIG things I would watch for:

Vegetable Oil
Sugar and flour
Canned veggies (unless you plan to can your garden like we are, lol)
Ramen... lots of ramen.

Winter is coming and we want to be ready.

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