Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you a grasshopper in food storage?

Its okay if you are.

I used to be.

Do you want to become an ant?

Okay, then lets get you started on your food storage.

  1. Take a breath. All is not lost. You can do this and (if you are the prayin' sort) God will hold your hand and get you to your goal.
  2. Now that we are breathing again... make your goal. Mine was a biggun (1 year of food storage in 1 year on a $300/month budget). You don't have to go that big, but you should reach for the stars a bit. How about a delicious (NOT basic, mind you) 90 day supply in 90 days? You can do that, right? Yep, you really can.
  3. Get a grasshopper buddy who wants to be an ant. You are going to trade child care to shop, make your plans together, call each other from the store about deals... everything. You are responsible to each other, so don't screw up!
  4. Talk to your spouse about this. Let them read some of my articles about beginning couponing if it helps. Get their support and encouragement, even on the weeks you only bring home frosting and q tips from the store. Promise them that this WILL work over time (time being the key).
  5. Get your hands on at least 5 newspapers a week. The Poky and IF papers have deals. There are only coupon services. You have friends and neighbors and family who don't use theirs. Be creative, pray about it (again, if you are the prayin' sort) and you will find those papers will fall into your lap. If you are ambitious, shoot for 10 (I would shoot for 10).
  6. Now, every Tuesday, you will MAKE THE LIST. This is key. Call your buddy, talk it out and make the list.
  7. Every Wednesday (or whatever day you can consistently shop) you will pack up the crew, and go to the store. You will buy your list and NOT DEVIATE! (unless you find a screaming deal, then deviate away, but know it will affect your total at the end so be cautious.)
  8. Make a spreadsheet and write down what you bought and what you have for your storage. Watch this grow.
  9. Don't quit. Even when you screw up. or the clerk is a jerk... Do NOT give up! Things that are worth it are difficult. If you have kids, think of your tantruming 3 year old and how much you love that monster. If that kid is worth the daily (and often hourly) headaches, then this is worth a few hours a week of frustration on occasion.
  10. Realize you will be lopsided and account for that financially. DO NOT go nuts with the couponing. Give yourself a budget and stick to it no matter what. It isn't a good deal if you can't make your house payment.
Okay, I hope this will help some of you. Remember, fall is coming and we need to start stocking up. Do what you can, work hard, think of other ways to plump up your storage (canning, hunting, etc) and remember you CAN do this!

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Kristen said...

I am a Grasshopper in need of help Kimber. Jason & I have talked about coupons and I just don't think I have the time (or motivation) to do it like I should. HELP! I don't get the newspaper. And I feel- time is an issue. I envy your persistence!
Wanting to be an ant, Kristen

P.S. If you don't mind I am adding you to my Blogs that I will follow.