Friday, August 28, 2009

Ideas for putting away food for the winter

Here are a few different ways we put away food as opposed to the regular old canning methods:

Beans: We don't eat canned beans. My kids hate them and they go to waste. However, my kids and husband adore Dilly Beans, so now we can all our green beans "Dilly style"! Plus, they make great gifts!

Plums: We don't can them either. We wash, halve and freeze in sandwich size baggies. Perfect for Plum Pie which is to die for!

Raspberries: We wash, lay out on a cookie sheet and freeze. When they are frozen we toss into a baggie and eat on cereals or put in muffins or cookies.

Strawberries: syrup. 'Nuff said.

Peaches: We wash, quarter and freeze for peaches and cream treats. Or we serve them to the kids frozen for a special treat.

Corn: We blanche, cut off the cob and put in baggies to freeze.

Peppers: we chop and freeze.

Apricots: we make the nectar (use one of those victorios for applesaucing to do it) and have a nice drink for special occasions.

Pears: we sauce or nectar them.

Now toss me some ideas please!


Sandi said...

Food dehydration! Ask around and you'll probably find someone with a food dehydrator that they have just sitting around because they bought it and then never get around to using it. Borrow it and make some yummy dried fruit or jerky! (Apricots, mmmmmmmm.....)

BTW, what are Dilly beans?

Kimber said...

Oooh, yes, dehydration. I need to get into this.

Dilly beans... think dill pickles. Only green beans. Easy peasy to make and they are ready to eat once the jars cool.

Brian & Rachel Davis said...

I looked on for a plum pie recipe and was surprised with how few recipes are out there! What's your recipe... I've never made it and would love a tried and true recipe!

Mrs. Shuper Saver said...

I'm not talented enough to be able to grow my own cilantro, but I just found some on sale and am going to freeze those. They do get more expensive in the winter.