Saturday, August 1, 2009

For those of you in your childbearing years...

You are about to love me forever.

I tend to buy everything in bulk, including pregnancy tests.

I have used this site for YEARS and I can personally attest to the extreme accuracy.
I buy the cheapest tests they have on the site (the dip stick tests) and have gotten a positive test a full WEEK before my period was due.
And now that I've given you tmi (sorry):

This is a great site, really! Enjoy dirt cheap ovulation and pregnancy tests! Feel free to pass this along (I can't believe I haven't shared this info sooner!)

Oh, but be warned, it takes about 4 business days to arrive with the cheap shipping so again, stockpile.

(And now, if you are a "Lost" fan, you can see why it made sense to me that someone had a pregnancy test on the plane when it crashed. Because some of us carry them around all the time "just in case". Or because we went to college at a party school and wanted to always be prepared to help our friends out. Once again tmi and with that I big you good night.)


kiley said...

hey, i bought my own pregnancy test in college... LOL! but i remember that "incident". her scarring MP was just plain mean

Sandi said...

Thanks for the tip! I can't believe how expensive tests are in the store.