Monday, August 3, 2009

Yay! I am excited for this Albies sale!

Okay, thanks pyp for the list so far:

People, listen.

I am going nuts over the Vaseline, Suave body wash, ALL, and fruit snacks! Hooray!

This is an excellent time to stock up on peanut butter too!

This will be one of those time consuming shopping adventures, but I believe it will be worth it, so get excited, find a sitter and go nuts!

Remember, the Broadway Albertsons is your friend (and while I doubt this will happen, I am praying that they will have a special "coupon shopper" register for those of us who want to really rock the sale or something else just as amazing so we can buy a truckload of product... literally!).

Hooray! Get your coupons and your game face ready!

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Hollie said...

I heard that they are limiting you to two promo transactions per day per card. HTH