Monday, March 16, 2009

Upcoming Albertsons sale

Okay, first, enter my sad face: No Scotts tp sale. Dang.

But, enter happy face:

Kelloggs Cereal, poptarts and rice krispie treats are $1.50 when you buy 10! And I just checked ebay... TONS of coupons that make these $.50 each! Go nuts! Great time to stock up on cereal and get your years supply of breakfast!

2lbs of Albertsons cheese $3.99... pretty okay if you missed out on last week.

Mission Tortillas are 2/$3 and IF they include the kind on ebay they will be $.50 each! STOCKPILE and FREEZE!

Tree top juice 2/$4 and I saw coupons for $1 off 1 online too...

Heinz sale! Stock up on Ketchup!

Eggos... okay. So, the waffles are 3/$5 OR the other eggo thingys are 2/$4. There are $1 off any eggo product online so if you did the waffles, that would be 3 for $2! Then add the doubles and FREE! That right there is the deal to me!

Plus, yesterday's paper had doublers! yay for doublers!

Pretty dang good sale. I doubt I will shop much, but I am to the point where my freezers are too full and I have a good supply of the rest. However, if you are just starting or if you don't have a year's supply of ketchup, cereals... go nuts! Good solid sale!

Smith's caselot is coming... for the locals it is conference week.

Finally, just a heads up on emails. I know, I know. I haven't replied yet. I have been swamped with frugality inquiries and I am trying to wade through them. I promise I am hurrying. Remember, with kiddos I have to take my time, so I'm sorry and I promise to unhitch the plow and get on it.

Speaking of kids, now my 1yo is furious so I must dash.


Rebecca said...

which cereal coupons am I looking for? I'm not finding them
HELP!! Thanks Kimber!

Kimber said...

I ebayed and froogled the following:

kelloggs cereal coupons
kelloggs pop tart (poptart?) coupons
kelloggs rice krispie treat coupons


Dana's Fiscal Magic said...

Is this the sale for next week...well, starting this wednesday?

Rachel Young said...

Kimber, I just told some friends at work about how amazing you are with finding great deals and they where all so amazed they wanted to know more so I gave them your deal page address. I hope that is alright!

Kimber said...

Dana, starting tomorrow.
Rachel thank you! I don't mind at all!

Christine said...

Kimber, where do I find the doublers in Sunday's paper? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks.

lisha said...

can you tell us more about the case lot sale at Smiths so we know what to be ready for?