Friday, March 13, 2009

March Goals

Baby Tightwad:

Turn off the heat. DO NOT turn it back on UNLESS it snows and even then I am frowning if you do.

Adolescent Tightwad:

Walk every day. Walk the block, walk a mile, walk something. UNLESS it snows walk. Or if it is icy. Don't want you to break your tailbone like I did. It makes walking way not fun.

Grown Up Tightwad:

Do both of the above AND downgrade your source of entertainment. Be it Cable, Satellite, Netflix, going to the movies... lessen it by at least $10. Maintain that lessening forever.

As for me... I'm doing all of that AND I am gearing up for the garage sale we are going to have in a month or so. Yay! Dejunking!

1 comment:

Jen and Sam said...

I guess I'm already a grown up! We don't have cable, satellite or netflix and we never go to the movies!!! Kind of sad but yay for me I guess lol:)