Friday, March 13, 2009

Stop the Presses! Broulims is having a decent saleon something!

And it's even in stock! A miracle!

So, as I grudgingly walked in there this morning (HAD to) I noticed that their 5 gallon buckets are on sale for $3.99 Not too shabby.

So, if you still need them, there you go. They had lids and whatnot too.


Jay and Camille said...

I get mine from the bakery in Safeway for $1.00. All the bakeries get their frosting in the big airtight containers. Just a suggestion

Kimber said...

Good call! Check with your local stores and if they will go for this, do that instead!

Sandi said...

The really frugal thing to do would be to change your oil yourself, of course, but if you like to use Jiffy Lube there is a $7 off coupon here: I usually get $5 off of, but I've never seen a $7 coupon. These are good through July.