Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tips for the BIG sale at Albertsons this week!

Okay, I've seen the ad and I'll be blunt.
At first glance I was totally peeved that I was told this was awesome.

Then... I had a change of heart.

People, this sale is a nasty, convoluted mess. There are some things that totally threw me off. But, now I get it and I love it.

I am not making you scenarios until I've tested them (and that might not be for a few days, sorry), but this is what I STRONGLY advise you to do. Go on ebay, find coupons for Betty Crocker fruit snacks, pillsbury grands and progresso soup. Feel free to get coupons for other items such as: toaster strudels, pillsbury ready made cookies, betty crocker warm delights or frosting... but, the first items, I would get fo sho.

If you go to the Idaho Falls Broadway Store at 4am tomorrow, have fun and be prepared for a long line. If you don't want to buy coupons, this is the way to do it. I will not be there, so good luck.

This sale works basically like this:
Buy 10 participating items, get $10 on your next order (yep, one of those)

Remember, this means LOTS of transactions, so be patient, let people go in between your transactions if they are just shopping and not a crazy couponer (think of how frustrated you would be) and be patient. I WOULD NOT take little kids to this if at all possible as this looks to be a 2 hour wait in line type of sale.

Organize your transactions ahead of time and be prepared for things to be out of stock. Use betty crocker cake mix as your filler as it's only $.25 a package of cake when you are done and everyone needs cake mix.

Remember, this is one of those sales that the cardinal rule of couponing goes into effect: DO NOT stray from the LIST! (unless your items are out of stock and then you need to use the Betty Crocker cake mix like I said. Cake mix is your saving grace!) Don't do it. Obey the list or face certain grocery budget doom.

I suggest putting your coupons together with paper clips for each transaction and maybe even labeling them so you aren't confused (you know, trans 1, trans 2, etc.)

Go slow, double check each transaction AS they are ringing it through so you don't slow anyone down and remember to BE NICE!

There is a lot of prep in a sale like this, but it will be worth it if you get it done.

Now, here is one deal that my friend Melanie told me that is great.

*This is contingent on getting enough progresso coupons to cover it.

Lets say you buy 100 cans of Progresso soup. They will be $.50 a can, but then you have 50 coupons for $.50/2 cans of Progresso. That makes them $.25 a can and your total for 100 cans $25 Wow!

Now, really think. If you are a small family, you could buy 356 cans WITH purchasing coupons and your overall total would be UNDER $100! That is a years supply of dinner (or lunch) for less than $100! 1/3 of your food storage!

Why in the world would you NOT do that? Cans keep forever, the soup is really healthy... This one is a no brainer. Even without the coupons it is an excellent deal, but with... amazing.

This is an opportunity to put a huge dent in your food storage and I cannot urge you enough to do so. Take your tax return, take $200 and go nuts.

Okay, when I go shopping I will let you know what I do. Don't feel stressed to shop right this second, this sale goes until next week. (Unless you want the free coupons at Broadway Albies, then you need to get up and be there by 3:30, promise).

Also, remember, anything fridge or frozen in this sale will keep a long time in the freezer, so shop with that in mind.

Good luck, feel free to ask questions in the comments or email me. Coupon group is today at 10am and this is ALL we are doing.

This is going to be fun! Eeeeee!


Sandi said...

At 10! Oh no! I was going to come at 7pm, cause that's when I thought it was! What a bummer. (I didn't make it last week because my body thought it would be more fun to throw up for 12 hours instead.)

Anonymous said...

do you do this every week? where??

Anonymous said...

and how do you get the coupons/ which ones are they at the store? just ask?

Kimber said...

yup, 10 am. If you want the address email me and I'll give it privately.

We do this weekly in Rigby.

ONLY the Idaho Falls Broadway Albertsons give coupons for free as far as I know...
Walk in at 4am and they'll give them to you as you buy.

Okay my head is swimming...

Oh and for the person who asked why I wasn't going tomorrow morning... because 1. I'm waiting for coupons 2. I don't want to deal with the insanity with a baby who has an ear infection, is recovering from tonsilitis and has roseola (we're not contagious, I checked, but he's miserable) and 3. I have heard some negative comments about us "professional couponers" which I understand to a degree. With that in mind, I don't want to take free coupons to people who are just learning and need them more than I do. Doesn't seem fair.

Okay, now my head is really swimming!

tktracy said...

Can you give us more info or put a copy of the ad up so we can prepare? Thanks!

Kimber said...

This is all the info I have. I can't give you my scenarios yet because I haven't done them and I don't want to lead you astray. I have ideas and theories, but as this is the internet, I don't like to post a bunch of ideas I am not pretty confident in.

In the meantime, the list is up at pinching your pennies, so check that out!

I'll post more as I can.

Anonymous said...

if you print coupons for 1.00 off 2 cans progresso, and they're .50 each... is that "legal"?

Kimber said...

Yes. Shhhhhh..... good find, I was wondering when someone would notice it!