Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FREE pass to Sam's Club (1 day of course)

I am dragging my feet to renew my membership so this ought to get me by for awhile longer:

Go to Allstate HERE and click on the Sam's Club Pass. Fill out the info and wait for the email!

Hope this gets you through too!

PS buy bulk flour and sugar! Get that storage up! Woot!


chelle said...

can you send me directions for tuesdays learn how to grocery shop talk? email is idaho_doll@yahoo.com

Happy Melanese Family said...

Kimber- I noticed your blog about the broadway ablertsons. I have seen you a couple times at music makers and put the two together when I saw your face on your blog. My name is Katie and I am Jen's sister in law. I have been feeling so much anxiety about getting better at acquiring a food storage. After seeing your blogs I believe you are the one I need to be talking to. Can you help me to understand Albertsons sales? Please contact me via email @ kate.melanese@gmail.com Hope to hear from you soon.