Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Smiths actually has a great sale!

I am nervous about typing this for fear that I'll get stoned (not that kind, the kind with rocks people) by all my favorite grocers, but I have to admit that Smiths sales this week are... good. Really good.

A few standouts:

Chef Boyardee at $.38 (with coupons)
Fruit and veggies

I'm just sayin...

Now, while I HATE going into my local Smiths because I swear that they are sometimes out to make sure nobody gets a good deal, I am debating going in for this.

But, Albies is having a huge sale next week so... maybe I should just save my pennies. Decisions decisions!


jennijaynelee said...

Albies huge sale next week? Starting the 18th??? Just wondering if I need to save my pennies like you.

Kimber said...

I would save pennies. I don't know specifics, but I hear it will be HUGE! I am so very excited...