Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Albertsons, you are KILLING ME!

This is what I for the previous post.

I get this little email from the Broadway Albies in Idaho Falls. It's got the usual good deal stuff, but here's the part I need to share pertaining to the HUGE sale that is coming on the 18th:

1. General Mills. Get the coupons and be ready. (Remember, General Mills typically entails Betty Crocker, YoPlait, Pillsbury, Progresso, etc. My words, not Albertsons in parenthesis here.) I would print a TON of all of these and then trade/share as needed.

2. 4am opening! Yep, 4am! Just for that day! Just at the Idaho Falls Broadway Albertsons! Just for the people who us email recipients invite! So I invite YOU! (And any and all of your special friends and family you want to bring along.) ONLY on the 18th!

I promise, I will be talking about this sale more, but right now, you would be wise to quit reading, start organizing and printing coupons and tucking some cash away! These are my favorite kinds of sales and I always use my entire month's moolah on them!


New info 2.12

I am being told that coupons for the following are a good idea. I am NOT promising that any of these will be on a fabulous sale, so know that you are rolling the coupon dice by listening to me and remember, you can't blame Albertsons if I am wrong.


all GM cereals (think cheerios, trix etc)
Granola bars (curves, fiber one)
Betty Crocker cake

That's all I have right now. More when I have something good.


Jeff & Ashlee Olsen & Family said...

Where do you get the coupons from?

Kimber said...

a few online places:


I'll look for more...

Ben and Jade said...

I had a dream that you took me to a big, special coupon sale at Albertsons. It was kind of like finding the secret levels on Super Mario -- if I bought muffin mix that was fine, but if I combined the muffin mix with pacifiers I would get an extra 30 percent off, and if I added AAA batteries it was even more, but only if they were rung up in the correct order. You kept piling stuff in front of the cashier, and you kept looking at the savings adding up while I kept looking at the stuff I didn't want piling up.

I woke up having an anxiety attack. Let's not go shopping together.

But have fun.

Jeff & Ashlee Olsen & Family said...

Ok, so how do you know which ones to print off? Will they accept them all, or do I have to have specific ones?

Kimber said...

Jade, don't worry, we won't shop.

Ashlee, here is my advice. If you see a coupon for something you like, such as, say, chex cereal, I would print the crap outta it. I'm adding more info to the post, but really, it's a gamble to print lots of coupons, but you're only out paper and ink.

They'll accept any online coupon that goes with the right product and that isn't photocopied. I don't think you would do that, but for anyone else's benefit who doesn't know that.

Jeff & Ashlee Olsen & Family said...

Thanks for your help!