Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am schooling Albies!

Yes, I'm over budget. Again. But... I'm buying groceries for my Mom this week and she is reimbursing me, so in reality I'm not over budget.

Anyhow, here is what I've done so far this week:

Feb 19: Spent: $45.84 Saved: $1060.06 (Insane!)

Feb 21: Spent: $87.80 Saved: $898.06

I am LOVING this sale!

I've been taking advantage of the fact that when you buy 5 fruit snacks you get an extra $3.50 catalina on top of the $10 one. PLUS I had a ton of $.50 off 1 fruit snack coupons, which caused the fruit snacks to be FREE plus they made me $.20! Woot!

I've been buying toaster strudels for $.50 a box, cake mix for a quarter (and stock up, my pal Dawn has a recipe for using cake mix to make cinnamon rolls that I am getting for ya'll--- any kind of cake mix!), chex mix (people the turtle flavor is amazing) and progresso soup (for my mommy) for a quarter!

This is an incredible sale!
Listen, I have coupons for pillsbury biscuits that will make it so you MAKE $.07 a tube that I need to use up and I'm running out of freezer space. I have dibs for a few people already, but if you want a few (no promises that I won't run out fast), come to the Broadway Albertsons at 9am Monday. I am going because a reporter is interviewing couponers there at that time, and I would love for some of you to come too and talk about how fun couponing is at Albies.

It should be fun and I'm hoping they'll have some more coupons for everyone! But again, no promises...

Oh, and btw.
Here is what we have found to do with the Grands so far:

biscuits (duh)
dumplings. Plop the dough (rip into the portion sizes you want) into soup--- like say progresso chicken noodle soup) and there you go.
put on top of a rice, chees, broccoli etc casserole and bake them.
flatten and make mini pizzas (did this tonight. fast and yum!)
flatten and make cinnamon rolls
make apple baker pie tart thingys
wrap around chicken and bake

Okay, I'll think some more. Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

Idea!! :) This is a great way to use up those biscuits.

Sandi said...

You are my inspiration! I blogged about you here: