Thursday, February 19, 2009

FREE Pillsbury Grands at Albertsons in Idaho Falls! Go go go!

I was in Ammon today taking a kid to the dr and so I dropped in. Lots of great deals of course, but here is the big deal:
Ammon and 17th street Albies still have tons of Pillsbury Grands AND coupons for them!

I bought 310 (not just for me, for about 10 other people too) for... drumroll...


that was my tax.

I saved...


Every grand was free. FREE.

They freeze jim dandy and if you go to and search for Grand recipes you will find a lot to do with them. A few suggestions: pizza crust and dumplings for soup.

You should get in the car now and haul hiney to get some free stuff!



Cake for a quarter. Do it! I've been promised a recipe for cinamon rolls using cake mix and I intend to post it when I get it!


Anonymous said...

schweeet. and i actually bought coupons....silly.

Sandi said...

Do they really freeze fine? I'd heard they explode . . .

Kimber said...

My pal Dawn has a ton in her freezer and has never had one explode. I have a bunch right now and I keep checking them, but they are fine, so... I guess take a chance if you are up for it?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a huge fan of your baby carriers--and now your deals! Thanks for the site. Any idea how long you can freeze the biscuits? I'm new to the whole freezer-stash idea. Thanks!