Monday, May 18, 2009

Something you NEED (imo): 2 way radios!

I saw this brilliant idea via some friends a few weeks ago. They were going to the park a mile away from home and their eldest child wanted to stay home and watch a show (and didn't feel well). So, they gave him a walkie talkie and took the other with them. They could stay in constant communication! Perfect!

Now, I thought of this in terms of when my child goes to a friend's house. I want her to be safe no matter where she is and while I only let her go to people's houses where I know the humans really well, you can't account for everything. (I personally follow the saying: In God we trust. The rest do a background check.) Anyhow, knowing she can get in touch with me without having to ask an adult (sometimes that's better anyhow). I like the idea that the kids can talk to each other and play. I even like the idea of slipping it into her backpack for emergencies (can you tell that I am a paranoid mom?).

Anyhow, whatever your reason, I think this is a decent deal.




    Boasting an ultra-clear long-distance range of up to 10 miles (16 km), this pair of Cobra PR3500-2 DX two-way radios is ideal for adventurous hikers, rescue workers, or even parents who need to keep tabs on their kids from several blocks away. Each radio comes equipped with 22 channels--eight GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service), seven FRS (Family Radio Service), and seven GMRS/FRS combo channels--on which to communicate, in addition to 38 privacy codes.

  • 10-Mile (16 km) Range
  • 10-NOAA Weather channels
  • UHF/FM
  • Switchable Power Output
  • 38 Privacy
  • VOX
  • Patented VibrAlert
  • 10 Channel Memory
  • Battery Saver Circuitry
  • Scan Feature
  • Water Resistant
  • Key Lock
  • 10 Call Tones
  • Auto Squelch
  • Maximum Range Extender
  • Illuminated LCD
  • Keystroke Tone Signal
  • Speaker/Microphone Jack
  • Belt Clip
  • Manufacturer Refurbished to meet or exceed original equipment specifications with a 90-Day Manufacturer Warranty

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