Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am having a garage sale NOW

I just met a blog reader a second ago (hi Kathryn!) and realized I forgot to tell all of you something:

I am having a garage sale! I want to get rid of crap and I LOVE to haggle! Plus I have friends bringing things over and I'm trying to talk them into all but giving it away!

Here is my craigslist post:

Come take my junk please!

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Michael said...

Hi Kimber,
It was totally great to run across your garage sale and get to meet you. I'm sorry if I was slobbering, I was just so thrilled to meet you, you've done so much to help me and my family! Keep up the good work!
(and hey! it motivated me to learn how to post a comment!)
(Kathryn is the name on my checks but I go by Kathy :D)