Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garage sale tip: Soda Pop

We had out 2nd garage sale in a row this past weekend. It was great. I sold just about everything for a quarter (I'm not in this to make bank, I'm in it to dejunk and have a little change for my kids' summer sno cone shenannigans). We made decent money, but here is something I learned.

A gal in my neighborhood (thanks Amber) told me that at a garage sale she did they sold food, so I decided to try. I did one of Albies HOT deals on soda pop from last week. It came to $.075 per can of pop, so let's say $.08. I sold each pop for a quarter. By the end of the day I made enough money to pay for my entire grocery trip and then some on JUST the Pop. And the 5 12 packs of pop had only run me $9 so there you have it. Plus I didn't sell all the pop.

What I'm saying here is that selling ice cold beverages that you get on a smokin' deal is a decent way to make a few extra bucks and is therefore worth it. At the very least it should pay for your shopping trip!

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