Monday, May 18, 2009

Broulims FREE lightbulbs!

Okay, I am shocked, but it's true: Broulims is getting into the good deals game! A few more of these odd instances and I might start actually wanting to shop there!

Anyhow, here is this deal:
Right when you walk in they have a TON of the ge energy efficient lightbulbs that are usually about $5 for $.99.
Right there, that is a great deal and I would stock up as these lights supposedly will drop your power bill and last forever.

But, it gets better! The 5/9 Smart Source (I think that was the date) had coupons for $1 off any ge lightbulb! So that makes them FREE!

Yay! Go nuts! They have a ton!

While you are there, look for any tearpad coupons because there are a few at the front of the store I would grab for a friggin amazing deal. shhhhh...


Anonymous said...

know anywhere to get extra coupons since i haven't gotten the paper yet?? ALSO what's the best deal on a paper round here?

Kimber said...

Extra coupons... maybe ebay? but it's awful close to the wire... if you have friends who don't wan their coupons that is probably the way to go.

The deal I use for papers is I get 5 sunday papers from the Pocatello Standard Journal. It comes to Brenda's house (that is where we have weekly coupons group) and we get every day of the week's paper, plus the 5 sunday for $17 a month. That is consistent for me and it works. If i need more I go to ebay.


The Hulbert Family said...

Is this the Broliums in Rigby or Rexburg?

Michael said...

Check out for a link to print your own coupons. (only 2 per computer, but every bit helps, right?) And, I think it's the Rigby store.

gladmor said...

Rexburg has them too, but they are not right as you walk in. They are right smack in the middle of the store though. They are in a metal tub.

I am not sure how long the sale lasts so you may want to get them today!