Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I ask you: Best and cheapest waty to kill dandilions and other lawn irritants?

So, we are gearing up to do some lawn work here.
We are putting in railroad ties for our flower bed (please let that be finished soon, my lawn looks so ugly!).

I will go buy weed and feed if I have to, but I'm wondering, does anyone have a better way to kill the dandilions without killing the grass and flowers around them? A cheaper way?

I am open to suggestions and I am researching online. Google, here I come!


Brook said...

There are some good product in walmart for killing dandilions and other obnoxious weeds. I don't know how expensive, but I do know that the most expensive way is to hire someone to kill them for you. :)

kiley said...

you eat them... spring leaves before it blooms are great in salad, the blooms can be made into dandelion fritters, and the root tea is great for a UTI. it is critical that they are UNTREATED. no herbicides or fertilizers though.. yes... i am a hippi