Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Go to Broadway albies and get deals on ranch and ritz and bbq sauce! Run!

So, today was a fantastic day at my Broadway Albertsons.

This is what I got for me:

4 kraft ranch (did you know cucumber and buttermilk ranch are msg free?) $1
2 taco bell shells $1.40
7 kraft bbq Free plus $.35

I got the kraft bbq catalina for $3


4 Ritz and I used the kraft cat for this so $.97

I spent:
$3.72 total

Now I bought other items for a friend who has some family stuff going on and just can't feasibly go to the grocery store right now and for my mom because she's my mom. But, I'm working on finding the savings.

People, the kraft bbq sauce catalina is a money maker when coupled with the coupons from this Sunday's paper. Go nuts!

Also, while I don't love the tone used at pyp (I'm a fan of please) and while I got the catalina before pyp posted it (didn't know about it, just stumbled on it), I will say, go to for this week's list and all the deals on it. This is a great week, easy to do! (ps, seriously, when you want bloggers to do something, if you want anyone to do something, please goes a looooooong way!)

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Lynne said...

I'm loving this! Why did I wait so long to figure it all out! Thanks so much for all your advice!