Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some new(ish) tips for saving on utilities

I just learned some of these tonight (and remembered some of these) and I wanted to share:

To save on power:
unplug everything. If you aren't using it, unplug it.
You could in theory unplug your fridge and/or freezer at night too. As long as it is shut, it'll stay cold.
I was given and idea about putting motion sensors on your freezers and I'm going to be further investigating that...

To save on your wash:
Use cold water all the time
Dawn gets out the worst stains
Use half of the amount of detergent you are told to use (and the same goes for dishwashing soap).
Also, clean your lint trap! Wash it and everything!

Any other ideas?


NancyT said...

Hey Kimber, thanks for all of the info last night. It was great, the only problem is that I can't remember the wesite for the great deals on electronics. Could I get that from you so I don't spend another sleepless night trying for the life of me to remember it:)

Kimber said...

It's on the side too, but it's

It was good to see you btw.

Sheree and Brian Mowers said...

Hi Kimber,
My name is Sheree. You don't know me but I guess we both know Crystel Shupe. Yes, I'm a blog stocker, sorry!:) I'm really not weird or anything though. I saw that you live in Rigby and I just moved to Rexburg recently. I love your blog and I'm always looking to save money on good deals! I just wanted to introduce myself just so in the future I can ask you some questions about deals in Idaho (since I'm from AZ I don't know where to go here in ID for deals.) Anyway, thanks for all the tips! I love the halloween costume ideas by the way.

Thanks, Sheree

Kimber said...

Sheree hey! I blog stalk too, lol! Isn't it a hoot?!

You holler at me anytime! Any friend of Crystel's is a friend of mine!

Darling family too, btw!