Thursday, October 9, 2008

Recipe: Shepherd's Pie for cheap


2 cups of mashed potatos (use the potato pearls from the LDS church cannery for ease and the cheapo factor)
1/2 lb of hamburger (or ANY kind of burger)
1 can of corn
Shredded cheese (however much you want)


Brown the burger

Dump it in a casserole dish and mix in drained can o' corn

Pour the mashed spuds over is and spread nice and smooth

Sprinkle the cheese on

Bake until the cheese is all melty at 400 degrees



Spuds: $1
Meat: $1
Corn: $.50-free if you canned your own corn like we do
Cheese $.50

Total cost: $3

This feeds our family of 5 plus we have leftovers for lunch for the whole gang.


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