Thursday, October 9, 2008

Recipe:Easy Creamy Peas and Spuds

(recipe courtesy of Mandy Miller)

-1 large bag of frozen peas

-6-8 spuds

-1 cube of butter

-1 cup of flour

-1 large container of half and half


Chop up your spuds and boil them just like you do when you are making mashed potatos. Cook your peas in another pot on the side to be added later. In another pot, combine the butter, flour and half and half to make a white sauce. When the potatos are ready, mash and use the white sauce to help with the creaminess. Then add the peas and mix together.

This will serve at least 10 people and freezes great. Also great as a topping for Shepherd’s Pie or mixed in with homemade chicken soup.

Store bought cost: $5

Veggies from the garden cost: $3

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