Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How I spent $0 at Albertsons today

Okay, this is complicated, but it works.

First off, on Monday I went to Walgreens and bought $10 skippy peanut butters. With my coupons I got them for $75ish per jar. I got a register reward coupon (if you want to call it that) for $5 off my next order. I also bought jello, spices and a few other things, but they don't matter as much.
Then I did another transaction of 1 childrens Dimetapp and 2 Robutussins and got another register reward for $10.
Total I spent $30

So, today I went to albies and did the General Mills sale. I had coupons for everything I bought and I also bought some soups for Sam. I used my 2 register rewards PLUS a coupon from Broulims for $10 off when you spend $25 on General Mills products (ooooh, tricky!).
My total was actually -$.58, but I don't keep overage.

Sound complicated? It was, but totally worth is as that made ALL those groceries (about 50ish items overall) from both Walgreens and Albies only $30 TOTAL.

And that, is how you grocery shop!


~AnnaMarie~ said...

What in the heck? When do I get my lessons? :) I need to know all your tricks!!!

Jen and Sam said...

Can I just go grocery shopping with you every time?

Erin said...

Kimber, oh wise one -- what'cha think about this site? Cool Mom Picks sent it out, and I just know you'll have some brilliant thoughts about such things. :)