Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cheap Halloween Costumes


Take an old adult black tee shirt, turn inside out if there is writing on it. Shred the bottom and the sleeves. Find a bandana or scarf that is black or otherwise “scary” and used as a belt. Buy a witch hat at the store.

Cost: $.97


White, grey or even tan sweats underneath. You could even use thermal underwear is you are brave. Wrap with ace bandages or for the authentic look, toilet paper.

Cost: $5 (for a lot of toilet paper)


Take a white sheet you don’t need every again and cut an entire HEAD HOLE. Paint your child’s face white or great and grey their hair too (white shoe polish works great, but is a nightmare to get out. I prefer clown white stage makeup, available at costumer shops.

Cost: For the clown white: $5

Daddy or Mommy:

Let them pick some clothes out of your closet that you don’t mind having ruined. For mom, toss on a lot of make up and pearls, something silly. For Dad, paint on a beard, maybe hand them a newspaper or remote to carry around.

Cost: Free

Rock star costume:

Let them pick out of family member’s closets for ideas. GET PERMISSION! Use kool aid and dye their hair a funky color. Make a guitar out of cardboard.

Cost: Free

Other ideas for getting costumes:

-Go to the DI and look for some fun clothing.

-Borrow from people who have kids in dance class. There is a wealth of costume ideas there.

-See if Grandma has old clothing too.

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