Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pie and Ice Cream Deal... HOT!!!

This will work through Thursday of THIS week.

And I would RUN because it is awesome.

Do this exactly:

Grab 10 Breyers ice cream (from the free pie deal--- as an associate if you need clarification)
Grab 10 Sara Lee pies, must be apple, pumpkin or cherry I believe.

You will get a $15 off on your next order catalina. That will make each pie and ice cram $.67!

This deal is amazing! Call a friend and go halfsies and go NOW!

(Check the time of this post and if it has been too many hours call the store to make sure they have stock, seriously.)

Please, Broadway Albertsons tipped me off to the deal, so hit them first and give them the love they deserve!

Quit reading already! Where are your keys! RUUUUUUUUN!


Ben and Jade said...

It's any of the Oven Fresh Sara Lee pies, so that's Apple, Dutch Apple, Cherry and Pumpkin. And it's any of the 1.5 quart Breyers -- including their fabulous Reese's and their Oreo ice creams. Yummy.

Sandi said...

Whoa, I just scored the deal of the century! has Sara Lee coupons for $1 a frozen dessert. I printed out 10 coupons (I have access to a lot of computers) and ended up with 10 pies and 10 ice creams for $8.87! That's $.44 each! I did a rather loud dance at the checkstand because it was such a rush! (It was 11:45 p.m., so not many people were around to notice, thank goodness!) I went to the 17th St Albies because Broadway was completely out of pie and Ammon only had pumpkin. I usually don't go to 17th because I've had a lot of bad experiences there, but tonight I had the best checker ever! Her name is Dee and she is a supervisor. She was very friendly and completely knowledgeable about the deals and the coupons. So kudos to 17th, for once!

One more thing--Dee said that the sale is ending tonight, not tomorrow, that's what she was told by the powers that be. I hope it's not true! Hopefully someone else can score my awesome deal as well!