Thursday, November 5, 2009

Black Friday is coming...

Tell me you have a small stockpile of money waiting!

Okay, here is the site I signed up for to get the Black Friday ads emailed to me as they come out:

I love this site.

Now, we are going to start prepping for Black Friday NOW.

Make your wish list (know that not all of it will happen though)

Make your budget list (I always make a "highest price" notation by items so I know my limit)
Get 2-3 friends together and swap lists

You are going to start taking a few minutes a day... set a limit and stick to it (like 30) and you are going to troll the deal websites you know of for these items on all 3 lists.

If you see an item on a list at the right price, call the right person and forward them the link OR (and this is what I do) order it for them with their permission and they will pay you immediately.

This will get you "trained" for Thanksgiving morning-cyber Monday. And believe me, a lot of hot deals will be coming at that time so discipline yourself (KEEP that budget! NO debt! Nothing is worth the debt!).

Okay, get ready! I LOVE this time of year!

PS. While you are at it, maybe look a few months ahead and work on birthdays and other gift giving holidays.

Refer to my Christmas article too (it is on the sidebar) even if you are just starting, you can used some of the information.

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