Friday, November 20, 2009

Black Friday Tips if you like online shopping

I LOVE Black Friday!

But, I refuse to go out shopping because (as my cousin said to me and I find it hilarious that she and I think the same thing) I am little and I could get squished pretty easy. I may be an ankle biter, but in a mob setting that does NOT work in one's favor.

So, I shop at home.

Here are some tactics I have used with much success. I can't guarantee they will work for you, but it is worth a shot.

  1. I Christmas shop in advance! Silly people! However, I do leave a bit of money for this time of year. Still, I do a lot ahead of time. If you haven't done that, don't despair... take this time to shop in advance for birthdays next year. Then at birthday time you will Christmas shop and thereby ease yourself into the shopping ahead thing.
  2. I make a spreadsheet so I know where I stand. Right  now my middle child is DONE. No matter what the deal, he is finished. But my daughter... I am in trouble there! So spreadsheet reminds me who has what so far and where my holes in the list are. Plus I track the money that way.
  3. I go to sites like and I read their deal lists. I also skim the online deals forum at pinching your pennies daily. Watch the sites, get a feel for what is coming.
  4. I compromise. I pick the stores I'm going to buy from and I make back up plans for other stores. I know I won't get it all. If I get everything from store 1 (and I usually do) I quit right there and forget the rest. If not I move until I hit my quotas. My kids don't need EXACTLY what they want, seriously.
  5. I start shopping about 6am Thanksgiving. A TON of the stores have their Black Friday deals up that early. So watch. And... be warned, sometimes they "unsale" them during the day so buy when you see the deal, this is not the time to deliberate.
  6. For the rest that don't start until FRIDAY... I get them up on my computer and I wait. Come 10pm mountain time I start checking prices as they often roll over at that time. I keep watching until they are live (up and running) and then I order. I went to bed around 2am last year and I bought a ton of stuff (mostly for other peoples' lists).
  7. I don't get my heart set on anything. If I get it, great if not... oh well.

Now, for those you MUST have that gift... I suggest pulling an all nighter. Try for online first and if you don't get it, hit the store. Which is insane. But, that is your call.

I plan to be dozing come 5am myself. But have fun!

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Sandi said...

Thanks for the advice. I'm trying to convince my sister to do stuff online on BF, especially since there's no major shopping in Logan, but I think she likes squishing people.