Sunday, November 8, 2009

Coupon group starting up again

Okay, okay.

I have heard more than a few of you say you would like to be able to come to a coupon group again, so lets start it up again for a bit since November has fantastic deals that are typically great to learn on.

My house (email for directions)
Wednesday (I know different, but that is because the lists are slower to show up now)
10-11am (and I will kick you out at 11 because I have a ton going on on Wednesdays and I need to stay on schedule, sorry)

Bring the weekly lists (smith and albies)
If you don't know how to get the list, don't worry we will teach you
Bring pen and paper
You can bring kids IF they are not sick (I am really uptight about this) and in return if my kids are sick I won't put your kids in germs way
You can bring coupons to swap or give away, but you don't have to

There you go. See you Wednesday.


mhill said...

OK, I am in for this, all the way! :) Just let me know if I need to bring anything else. I am so bad at couponing now days. :(

The Weathered Cottage said...

wish i could come! i never could find the halo sleep sacks??