Monday, July 28, 2008

This will cost you some money, but honestly, WORTH IT!

There are some things in this world that are worth paying some money to get. These headwraps are one of those things.

I was lucky enough to get one at the International Babywearing Conference in Chicago this past June and left the conference with about 6 of them because I was in love. I like to pull my hair back, but looking cute and ponytails can only work together so much. But, bandanas always pull on my hair and slip and fall.

These are perfection in fabric, Seriously! They stay on my head (and I have fine, slippery hair), they don't give me a headache and they are cute as all get out!

Sam even loves them and has stolen several!

Belle can wear them... they are well made and will last for years, which is a huge deal to me if I'm paying for them. Look at that, I just ordered 6 more! Woot!

Click here to order them

Now, the deets. I suggest buying 3 for 15. I also suggest getting the stretch cotton ones as I find them stickier (but if you don't have fine, slickery hair, go for the rayone!). If you want to see the prints, go to here bali stretch category of carriers and you can see the colors of the headwrap.

Seriously, worth owning. I love a deal, but I love quality more.

Also, Kristi who owns the business is a wonderful single mother who is running this business to provide for her kids and people, in this day and age, we need to support wonderwomen like her.

After you order, I hope I hear all about them!

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