Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cheap Eats 7/23/2008 Shepherds Pie

This is a big favorite around here.

First off, how we save time and money for this:

I buy hamburger when it is on sale whenever possible, usually around $.99/lb Then I precook it all and freeze the cooked and drained meat in baggies. Takes an hour people, quit whining!

I buy cheese on sale at around $4 for 2lbs. I get a ton and shred it all with my kitchenaid, baggie and freeze also.

I buy Potato Pearls from the LDS cannery.

I blanche, cut and freeze my own corn whenever possible.

On to the recipe!

1/2 lb cooked hamburger
1 can or bag of corn off the cob
a few cups of mashed spuds (your call on how much, I do around 4 cups)
As much cheese as you like

In a smallish casserole dish mix the burger and corn. Cover it with the mashed potatos and sprinkle the cheese on top. Bake at 400 degrees until the cheese is super melty. Chow down!

This costs me $2 max to make for my family of 5 and if we aren't starved we have leftovers.

Comments, opinions, reviews or variations?


Mel said...

hey's Mel
We love shephard pie but we add salsa to the hamburger for a little extra's delicious!!

Amanda said...

Okay, first I want to know how you saved $142 at Albertsons...what the hell are you buying? And....where are you finding cheese at $4 for 2 lbs/??? Will you take me shopping with you?

Erin said...

YUM!! Do you think it would be good in a cast iron skillet or would the potatoes stick too much?

Kimberlina and Sambodini (but mostly Kimberlina because Sambodini is frightened by techonology) said...

Mel, I must try that!

Amanda, dude Freddy's does that sale every other month and I stock up!

Erin, I think that would totally work!