Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HOT deal at Broadway Albies... RUN!

I am not going to complicate this for you, I'm just going to tell you how to do it.

Kraft blue box mac n cheese 10 for $3 (and tax).

Take cash please or a check

Grab a year supply

Thank me later

People, even if you don't like mac n cheese, this is a great easy mean and a cheap way to build up your food storage.

My friend Lawnie just gave me a recipe I tried minutes ago with my kids:

1 box mac n cheese
1 can tuna fish, drained (or a pouch if you got in on that deal last week)
1/2 can peas, drained (I'm saving the other 1/2 can for the next time aka tomorrow)

make mac n cheese like normal, mix in the tuna and peas and eat.

I'm shocked, but my kids are wolfing it down right now and I love it too!

There are only about 60 cases left so I suggest you RUN!


Anonymous said...

ohhhh thanks!!

tiff.mendoza said...
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tiff.mendoza said...


I ran across this and your other blog...You look awesome and your babies are beautiful. I would love to catch up some time....

Tiffany Covert-Mendoza

Sandi said...

I got 10 boxes for $1.30 because I was able to print off a lot of B3G1 free coupons at
I printed them off of every computer I could find: mine, my husband's, our laptop, my brother's two gaming computers, the computers at my mom's office, and my mom and dad's computers at home! I used two coupons with each set of ten, making it $1.30 total with tax. I got 40 boxes!