Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eating out with the family for cheap

Now, I have worked for years to NOT eat out. But, I'm being thwarted by all the amazing deals I've been finding.

First off, check out the cheap dinner deal:

1. Little Caesers hot and ready pizza $5
2. Printable coupon for FREE crazy bread with any purchase at Little Caesars (that coupon is gone now, but another one is up, I'll post it further in this posting)
3. Jamba Juice with a printable coupon for buy 1 get 1 free. THEN, if you ask nicely, they will take the leftover on a regular jamba and pour it into kids cups for FREE! So, we got 5 jambas (3 small, 2 big) for $4.40

Total spent for a huge eating out dinner for a family of 2 adults and 3 kids 6 and under: $9.40
I can deal with that.



Little Caesars coupon I just found

Here is another deal. Please don't abuse it, but do use it because I want this restaurant to stay open.

Sharis. Saturday starting at 4pm. If an adult buys a meal, kids eat for FREE. And not just one kid either. I went with some friends awhile back, 9 kids total, 4 adults and all the kids ate free. Good size meals, drinks and gogurts!

This is a great deal!

So, take the family, eat a meal and get free kids meals.

If you find a cheap meal deal, let us know!

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Sandi said...

Craigos pizza has all-you-can-eat pizza/salad/pasta buffet right now for $6.99 for dinner. Snag a coupon from Idaho Falls Magazine (many businesses around town have them sitting around for free) and get the second buffet for 1/2 off. We ate out tonight (me and hubby) for $11, all we could eat!

They're spud-a-licious and hot wing pizzas are my favorites, and the dessert pizzas (cookie dough, brownie, raspberry, oreo, peach cobbler) are a sin.